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Susan & Richard Thomas

Susan & Richard Thomas

In those feverish days of the 1970s contemporary folk music was vital. As an earnest young songwriter, I lived and breathed my songs, striving for lyrics and melodies to shake up people or soothe their souls, not always succeeding, but always feeling that it was worth the effort. Richard and I rehearsed relentlessly, fine-tuning the shapes of our chords and voices to bring emotions and messages to life. The coffee house circuit was serious business, because for the most part, audiences really listened. At Juicy John Pink’s—a place where listening was elevated to an art form—our hard work paid off. There, musicians and music lovers were in tune with each other. There was electricity in the air. Acoustic music, no matter how heavy the message, floated on currents of simple joy, giving and taking and renewing. Juicy John Pink’s dedicated staff made it happen. And now that legacy comes to life again…recreated in ways we couldn’t have imagined back then. Thank you for still listening!
- Susan (Thomas) Gallion


Live at Juicy John Pink's - October 9, 1976

March 14, 2016 - In Stock
This 2 Disc album is a live concert from Juicy John Pink's, one of the premier acoustic music venues in the Chicago area during the mid 70's. Susan and RIchard Thomas were a husband and wife duo who were known and loved for the beauty of Susan's singing and songwriting, Richard's exquisite guitar work, and the wonderful way in which their voices blended and harmonized. This is the second in... [read more]

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