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Eastward mini-tour report - late Sept. - early Oct.

Stephanie Rearick


As some of you know, I made an attempt to do an east coast tour in late September, which was cut short by an opportunity to head to British Columbia for the Impact Economy Summit. I'll write a separate post on that but for now, a report on the eastward jaunt...

Well, first I'll back up to the Monday before I left, September 21, when the Community Response Team held a panel meeting to address... [read more]


Glitterbox Panties


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Small Blue Green Letters

Ritt Deitz

Small Blue Green Letters, Ritt’s latest recording and his fifth on the Uvulittle label, marks Deitz’s return to stringed instruments and voices and recalls his first full-length release, Hillbilly (Bentback 1999, anthologized on the 2006 Uvulittle release Collected 1999-2000), exchanging Steve Burke’s mandolin for Deitz’s banjo and with the harmonies of backing vocalist Lindsey Hinkel Craig Totten’s dobro work.... [read more]


Ritt Deitz video "Chicago"

Ritt Deitz

Sneak preview from Ritt Deitz' soon-to-be released, "small blue green letters" CD. It'll be out September 8 in both digital and physical form.

Small Blue Green Letters, Ritt’s latest recording and his fifth on the... [read more]

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