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Holy Bones

Mary Bue

Holy Bones is an indie-pop, musical commentary regarding a frazzled & hungry society. Written primarily on electric guitar with thick bass & rock ‘n roll drums, her new sound is fresher and lighter even when exploring the shadows of the modern American psyche. Mary Bue’s 6th studio album is a creative shift from her typical piano-driven singer-songwriting, funded in part by a career development grant... [read more]


Music news for next few months - Stephanie solo + Ladyscissors

Stephanie Rearick

I know I don't post here all that regularly, but I'm trying to remedy that so people will know where to find information about what I'm doing musically. So here are some upcoming events:

Friday February 27, 9pm at Prop THTR 3502 N. Elston, Chicago
I'm one of many performers doing music by the legendary Beau O'Reilly of Curious Theater, Maestro Subgum and the Whole, the Crooked Mouth, etc. He... [read more]


Sneak Preview - Stephanie Rearick's "Everything Every Thing"

Stephanie Rearick

Stephanie Rearick's new CD, "Everything Every Thing" is coming out soon.

It is a real synthesis of her various styles. From classically tinged piano to looped vocals and trumpets. Casio tones and live drums blend in seamlessly. Her songwriting is sharp, as always.

Check out this sneak preview, "The Book."
https://soundcloud.... [read more]


5 for 10

Jon Hain

In an effort to clear out old inventory of CDs we are offering this incredible deal.

Five (semi) random CDs from our catalog.

Feel free to give us a clue on the checkout comment form or let us surprise you.

(Limit One per customer please.)

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