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Rearick music upcomings - shows, sale, recordings, tour!


I'm so happy to have some music news to report. It's been a long cold lonely winter.

Spring is bringing lots of nice changes, including I have a lot of fun music opportunities coming up.

But first - buy some stuff from me! I've recorded most or all of the tracks
for my... [read more]


every thing everything

I'm writing a lot lately and feeling an itch to record again this year. And for whatever reason the title and artwork are preceding some of the music, and that's cool with me. It'll be 'every thing everything' and I need to get permission for the photo I want to use for artwork, and don't know yet who it... [read more]


Some Kinds of Love

I'll be playing a show here in Madison on Valentine's Day and another in Chicago the following Friday.

The theme, especially for the Valentine's show, is "Some Kinds of Love." That's both my tribute to the late great Lou Reed and what all the songs I'll play that night are about. All different... [read more]


Chicago Arts Journal - Review of Yes Face by The Crooked Mouth

Once upon a time there was an album called Yes Face by the band The Crooked Mouth.

That's how I wanted to begin this review of the album called Yes Face by the band The Crooked Mouth. It's a beginning that would have paid homage to Ada Grey, a young blogger whose theater criticism is well-known to... [read more]

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