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Star Belly

Stephanie Rearick

Star Belly

Stephanie Rearick

April 11, 2005
Uvulittle Records
CD, Mp3 download

"Rearick's a genre-bounding vocalist, keyboard player and trumpeter who takes great care bringing together things indie with her classical and art-music influences." - The Isthmus

Stephanie Rearick has been performing and recording since 1993, as frontwoman for Your Mom, Your Mom SRO, and the Coma Savants, occasional side-musician, silent film composer and accompanist, and solo artist.

"Star Belly, the oddly titled third album by a singer/songwriter who succinctly describes her sound as "piano-based classical/cabaret/pop," opens with what might be the prettiest four minutes and eight seconds of music I've heard all year. Stephanie Rearick's angelic (and layered) voice blends with a simple piano melody on "Hymn" for a surreal, mesmerizing and prayerful effect that actually gives me chills every time I hear it." - Sea Of Tranquility

Rearick's work is often dark piano-driven classical/cabaret/pop. In addition to piano, Rearick sings, plays trumpet, and builds pieces with various sound sources live on a Boss Loopstation.

Voted "Best Unique Album 2005" in the Madison Area Music Awards.

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1 Hymn 4:12
2 Star Belly 3:14
3 Disease 3:17
4 Twilight Fog 2:47
5 Your Foolish Heart 2:47
6 DreemyCream 2:47
7 Fantastic Voyage (Bowie/Eno) 2:41
8 Roll Over 2:37
9 Soldier's Things (Tom Waits) 4:31
10 Long Picnic (reprise) 4:58
11 Arms 5:03
12 ish 3:35

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