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(Not) Another Day Songs

Jenny Magnus

(Not) Another Day Songs

Jenny Magnus

September 14, 2018
Uvulittle Records
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These tracks are part of a larger show called (Not) Another Day, a sung play about process and the ends of things, produced by The Curious Theatre Branch in September/October of 2018 at Prop Thtr in Chicago. In the live performance they were sung by the cast: Paul Brennan, Leo Brun, Brook Celeste, T-Roy Martin, Beau O’Reilly, Vicki Walden, and Julia Williams. These are versions I made to teach the songs to the cast.

All musics by Jenny Magnus.

Engineering and mastering with Ralph Loza at Experimental Sound Studio.

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1 When Something is Not 2:04
2 Anglesmith 1:57
3 Think About Bread 2:49
4 Try, Try, Try 2:31
5 The Ways A Ghost Might Need Yo 4:41
6 Non-Newtonian Narrative 2:17
7 Shit Show 1:40
8 Magnet 1:27
9 The Simile Song 3:15

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