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At The Wart Hog Museum

Maestro Subgum and the Whole

At The Wart Hog Museum

Maestro Subgum and the Whole

December 19, 2012
Uvulittle Records
CD, Mp3 download

The 1993 album At The Warthog Museum was curated by Red Ned. The band had set out to do a live album, and indeed much of it was recorded direct to DAT at The Beat Kitchen and other venues. Some tracks were also done completely in studio (Sedistudio, Monster Disk), and the complete list of engineers and mixers included Spencer Sundell, James Koffee, Ricky Barnes, Jim Janick, John Hughes, Pink Bob, and Red Ned.

Ned put the sequence together and edited a number of Lefty Fizzle rants, used as links between many of the tunes. Bobby Ray played horns live with Mark Ray, but in the studio he was joined by Mark Messing (Sweet Muscles Messing and his No-Spaz Zoaz) on too many instruments to count (gas hose?). Beau, Jenny, and Miki wrote in various combinations that also included Bobby Ray, Bryn, John Shaw, and Curious friend Rachel X Weissman. The Greg Brown revival this time was the epic Laziness and Ignorance and the final number was a new, raw, live version of Trouble, originally recorded for Double Amazement (Jiggle The Constable and Lost Lost Lost.)

At The Warthog Museum was released on Fot Records, which later name-changed to Ponk! Records. Ponk! issued a couple of compilations, one of which included a new mix of Sticky Ticky Liquid (originally on Warthog), and another of which contained the concert rarity Private Joke, which never appeared on a Maestro album, though it was a big fave at the later reunion shows.

The seventh of their eight original releases, At The Wart Hog Museum is a "must have" for any collector.

Originally released in 1993.

Note: This is a re-issue. No additional mastering or processing has been done.

[ Beau O'Reilly ] [ Bob Jacobson ] [ Colm O'Reilly ] [ Jenny Magnus ] [ Mark Hollmann ] [ Mark Messing ] [ Michael Greenberg ] [ Ned Folkerth ] [ Spencer Sundell ]


1 Hey Jack 3:26
2 Mister Muckraker 2:46
3 Sticky Ticky Liquid 2:41
4 Clem Pops The Question 0:13
5 Late Night Mary 3:20
6 Constant Erection 3:07
7 Madman On The Bus 3:52
8 Amazy Grace 2:59
9 Laziness And Ignorance 9:35
10 Clem Breaks Wind 0:12
11 Tattoos Are How You Tell 1:51
12 Why? 6:08
13 Its Pithy 0:15
14 Blue Devil 2:45
15 Prairie Night 3:10
16 Advice From An Entertainment Mogul 1:00
17 Last Gasp 3:20
18 Fat Red Melon 3:50
19 What Can Be Wanted 6:25
20 Dat Dicking 0:07
21 Trouble 3:04

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