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The Bucket Rider

Stephanie Rearick

The Bucket Rider

Stephanie Rearick

June 18, 2003
Uvulittle Records
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From soothing instrumentals to ethereal pop to dark ditties to witty excursions, Rearick delivers a cornucopia of aural moods, all via her upright piano and occasionally her trumpet. -- Goldmine

Don't waste time trying to categorize what you hear on Stephanie Rearick's latest release, The Bucket Rider. Enjoy her lyrics and her expertise on the ivories for the journey it takes you between the dynamic classics of the past and the experimental sounds of the future with a little jazz and pop thrown in for good measure. -- Circle Magazine

Imagine Tom Waits reincarnated as Debussy, playing Joni Mitchell versions of Edgar Allen Poe poems on a 1920s era piano, and you get an approximate sense of the influences singer/pianist Stephanie Rearick channels on the way to making her very unique, idiosyncratic art pop.
-- Berkshire Eagle

As much an art music disc as it is a pop recording, The Bucket Rider moves from aggressively modernist fare like the evocatively sung My Lizard to Brecht-Weill inspired work like the woozy title track. Throughout, Rearick's trilling pipes and sophisticated digits piece out some very sophisticated music. -- Isthmus

Ms. Rearick is truly an original voice and this recording is a daring achievement -- Midwest Ursine

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1 Ghostlike
2 My Lizard
3 Tiny Hairs
4 The Bucket Rider
5 Secret
6 Single Scarlet Thread
7 These Birds
8 Buster Moon
9 Clyde
10 Lamentation
11 I Need Sunflowers!
12 L'Inhumaine I
13 L'Inhumaine II
14 L'Inhumaine III
15 Ghost

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