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The Long Picnic

Stephanie Rearick

The Long Picnic

Stephanie Rearick

September 11, 2001
Uvulittle Records
CD, Mp3 download

The Long Picnic was recorded in Madison and Chicago using acoustic piano and (sometimes layered) vocals to create a 10-song journey that is by simultaneously engaging, disturbing, and soothing.

"[Rearick] has sharper instrumental skills than most... she's not afraid to shut up and play an instrumental. The Man Who Stole Tomorrow is almost too lovely -- but her writing also displays a grim loopiness she'd do well to cultivate, and on Not Another Minute she sounds like the love child of Tori Amos and Robyn Hitchcock." -- The Chicago Reader

"...perfectly organic..., a mixture of folk, classical music and experimental pop that glides smoothly into the deepest waters we know -- the mysteries of death." -- Cleveland Free Times

Rearick's solo writing tends to incorporate more classical elements and leans toward a more melancholy feel. She uses dissonance and unusual harmonies to create new and interesting soundscapes which are complemented by her flexible and warm-sounding vocals and thoughtful, literate lyrics ("Elegy", "Wading", "The Man Who Stole Tomorrow"). Her solo work also includes a number of instrumental piano compositions ("Folk Tune", "Bagatelle", "Cosmic"). The Long Picnic includes two cover songs -- a beautiful rendition of "Morpha Too" by Alex Chilton (from Big Star's "Radio City") and "Boating" by Bela Bartok -- which exemplify the range of Rearick's musical influences.

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1 Folk Tune 3:28
2 Not Another Minute 3:36
3 Elegy 4:21
4 Wading 3:44
5 Boating 1:08
6 The Man Who Stole Tomorrow 6:01
7 Morpha Too 1:40
8 Bagatelle 1:54
9 The Long Picnic 3:27
10 Cosmic 3:44

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