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Lost Lost Lost

Maestro Subgum and the Whole

Lost Lost Lost

Maestro Subgum and the Whole

January 19, 2013
Uvulittle Records
CD, Mp3 download

The pinnacle of the band’s recording career was Lost Lost Lost, both because of the variety of writers and singers and the size and tightness of the ensemble. The writing was still strong, but the horn and vocal arrangements had reached a new, fantastically satisfying level.

It was recorded at Acme Studios and mixed at C.M.C. Recorders, where mixer Joe DeLeonardis had a huge influence on the flow of the record. Bobby Ray led the horn section with new trombonist Mark Hollman (Mark Ray, the Squirmin’ German), while still employing Blare on some songs, as well as Stan Jacobson. New mother Sister Kate’s appearances had scaled back and she would soon leave the band, but she contributed two beautiful lead vocals and her usual sparkling harmonies.

The subject of one tune, Rising Like Steam, was Eddie Balchowski, who’d played on the Soft Fist sessions. As was often the case, there was also a Greg Brown song, Downtown, a rocker from the 80s version of Maestro, now reshaped with Colm and Beau’s lead vocals and the horns. Band friend and sound engineer Spencer Sundell (Mr. Electricity) also contributed to the disc on electric guitar, as did John Shaw on acoustic guitar, and Eddie Carlson on bass.

The set list for Maestro’s reunion concerts draw heavily from this disc.

Originally released in 1991, this 2013 re-master sparkles and shines. We were able to go back to the original reel-to-reel masters and are certain that fans - old and new - will be impressed.

[ Beau O'Reilly ] [ Blair Thomas ] [ Bob Jacobson ] [ Colm O'Reilly ] [ Eddie Carlson ] [ Jenny Magnus ] [ John Shaw ] [ Kate O'Reilly ] [ Michael Greenberg ] [ Ned Folkerth ] [ Spencer Sundell ] [ Stan Jacobson ]


1 O You're A Dandy / Stink 4:38
2 Bamboo Guru 3:32
3 Love Elevator 3:04
4 Early Nunnly 4:16
5 Rainy Day 3:52
6 Lullaby from a Weird Place 4:08
7 Rising Like Steam 4:11
8 ... 0:33
9 That's Some Serious 4:08
10 micky takes the wheel 0:22
11 Downtown 4:34
12 Chaos and Ruin 2:02
13 Pony Tail 4:10
14 Sooner or Later 3:19
15 Rubber Hose 2:44
16 Seven 4:53
17 Prayers for the Undoing of Spells 2:44

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