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Rearick 12/14/15 show, gift ideas, 2016 tour, MAN news etc


First things first -
I’m playing solo MONDAY! nice and early for your Tuesday morning obligations…
on electric piano so I’ll be playing a set that’s pretty different from most you’ve heard lately

Monday December 14, 8:30pm, the Frequency, 121 W. Main St. Madison WI
I'm first, followed by the Hemmingbirds and Jennifer Hedstrom. You can even bring the kids (if they can stay up until 9:30)
https://www.facebook.com/events/1686374544935967... [read more]


Holiday Deal

From now until Dec 21, we will include a free, bonus CD with all non-digital orders. So, buy a CD, shirt, panties, deck of cards, etc, and we'll throw a bonus CD in the package.


MAN crowdfund launches Dec 1! Plus solo show 12/14


I just finished making a little video with my friend Marina Kelly, to support our crowdfunding campaign for Mutual Aid Networks. We launch Tuesday December 1 at 7am CST and I would be ever so grateful if you would choose to go give some money. This project is how I intend to be able to make a living making music and doing the kind of community organizing work I really enjoy, and how I intend to help create a situation where everyone else can do exactly what they want, too. Check it out. Give and share if you're moved to do so... [read more]


Eastward mini-tour report - late Sept. - early Oct.


As some of you know, I made an attempt to do an east coast tour in late September, which was cut short by an opportunity to head to British Columbia for the Impact Economy Summit. I'll write a separate post on that but for now, a report on the eastward jaunt...

Well, first I'll back up to the Monday before I left, September 21, when the Community Response Team held a panel meeting to address the problem of police shootings in our neighborhood. It's relevant here because action like this factors into our ideas about a... [read more]


Ritt Deitz video "Chicago"

Sneak preview from Ritt Deitz' soon-to-be released, "small blue green letters" CD. It'll be out September 8 in both digital and physical form.

Small Blue Green... [read more]


Rearick show and recording news for May and June 2015


TONIGHT! I'll be playing a 1/2 hour Stephanie Rearick Jr. set between plays at Broom Street Theater, 1119 Williamson. Check it out! then stay for the play, The Point of it All, if you choose to.


And I have finally scheduled my hometown CD release party for every thing everything!
Thur. May 28, 8:30pm. Come early! I play second. FOMA opens and Gentle Brontosaurus finishes the party after I play.... [read more]


Music news for next few months - Stephanie solo + Ladyscissors

I know I don't post here all that regularly, but I'm trying to remedy that so people will know where to find information about what I'm doing musically. So here are some upcoming events:

Friday February 27, 9pm at Prop THTR 3502 N. Elston, Chicago
I'm one of many performers doing music by the legendary Beau O'Reilly of Curious Theater, Maestro Subgum and the Whole, the Crooked Mouth, etc. He has tons of great work from a long and stellar career. Plus one brand-new song with lyrics of his that I set to music. Jon Hain... [read more]


Sneak Preview - Stephanie Rearick's "Everything Every Thing"

Stephanie Rearick's new CD, "Everything Every Thing" is coming out soon.

It is a real synthesis of her various styles. From classically tinged piano to looped vocals and trumpets. Casio tones and live drums blend in seamlessly. Her songwriting is sharp, as always.

Check out this sneak preview, "The Book."


Two new records, upcoming shows! Stephanie Rearick + Ladyscissors - UK + Madison

It's been an eventful couple weeks!

I'm pleased to announce that both Ladyscissors' debut CD, Glitterbox, and my solo CD every thing everything will be back from the press this week!

The Ladyscissors release party is this
Saturday, October 18! 10pm, Crystal Corner Bar, 1302 Williamson St. Madison WI

With Peel A Peel and Venus in Furs!

My solo record, every thing everything, will... [read more]


Mariposa drinks Grape Juice Plus with Fred at Jerry's….

Mariposa drinks Grape Juice Plus with Fred at Jerry's….

Barry Bennett Impending News
Mon, Jul 28, 2014
Hey Beauties…

There a bit to tell you that you might be interested in, so I should get to it. First a word of advice: if you use Pandora or some such service, make a radio station with Gong as the keyword with Hawkwind as a variety word. Enjoy…

***** MARIPOSA NOCTURNA: A Puppet Triptych / 16TH STREET THEATER * 6420 16th Street Berwyn, IL/ AUG 15TH&16TH @ 7:30PM – AUG 17TH@3PM / *****

I was... [read more]


Rearick music upcomings - shows, sale, recordings, tour!


I'm so happy to have some music news to report. It's been a long cold lonely winter.

Spring is bringing lots of nice changes, including I have a lot of fun music opportunities coming up.

But first - buy some stuff from me! I've recorded most or all of the tracks
for my next record 'every thing everything' and you can help me pay for it
(the great Ed Reardon's doing it again! from his new home in Vienna) by
buying some of my previous music. You can get the whole collection - all six of my solo... [read more]


every thing everything

I'm writing a lot lately and feeling an itch to record again this year. And for whatever reason the title and artwork are preceding some of the music, and that's cool with me. It'll be 'every thing everything' and I need to get permission for the photo I want to use for artwork, and don't know yet who it is. Recognize it?

Anyway, it'll be Jr. stuff, piano stuff, new stuff, a couple covers (at least one Jenny Magnus/Maestro Subgum), some things I'm writing for other projects. Ooh, maybe even some microtonal... we'll see...

... [read more]


Some Kinds of Love

I'll be playing a show here in Madison on Valentine's Day and another in Chicago the following Friday.

The theme, especially for the Valentine's show, is "Some Kinds of Love." That's both my tribute to the late great Lou Reed and what all the songs I'll play that night are about. All different kinds of love. I really don't write much about romantic love, especially straightforward 'I love you, can't live without you' kind of stuff (which often makes me puke) - but there is some of it. And love of world, friends, music, neighborhood,... [read more]


Chicago Arts Journal - Review of Yes Face by The Crooked Mouth

Once upon a time there was an album called Yes Face by the band The Crooked Mouth.

That's how I wanted to begin this review of the album called Yes Face by the band The Crooked Mouth. It's a beginning that would have paid homage to Ada Grey, a young blogger whose theater criticism is well-known to most fringe folks in Chicago. I wanted to begin the way Ada begins because I also wanted to end the way she ends: People who would like this album are people who like asses, wistfulness, losing friends, googling tsunamis, big tits, children... [read more]


Beau O'Reilly's "100 Reasons to buy the Maestro Subgum Box Set"

100 Reasons Why You Should Buy, Be Interested in, Investigate, the Maestro Subgum and the Whole Box!
by Beau O'Reilly

1. No Matter Who You Are You Have Never Heard All Of These Songs

2. JIGGLE THE CONSTABLE The sound is great, rescued from the poor mastering job of the original vinyl pressing by Leigh and Jon at Uvulittle. As good as LOST LOST LOST is, and it is, JIGGLE is more cohesive and charming.

3. JIGGLE Here Bob’s trumpet, with Blair shadowing him on baritone like a happy puppy. He swings and plays more... [read more]

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