BLACK DOT @ Reggies' Music Joint

Sunday, April 28, 2013 - 8:30pm

Grape Juice Plus / Barry Bennett

Reggies' Music Joint


BLACK DOT** SUN APRIL 28TH**Reggies Music Joint **2105 S State Chicago, IL** 8pm/21+ ** Black Dot hits in the middle @9:30 * Kali Ma opens and American Pharoh closes

hit my spot, BLACK DOT?

BLACK DOT is a Chicago based music outfit sporting razor riffs, tribal beats, and fever dream vibe in the vein of PIL, Gang of Four, and Yoko Ono. Hurtling down the mountain like Hawkwind being chased by The Police; this train burns wood, wire, and a heavy dose of improvisation. This is not Uncle Wiggle Hip’s jam band… though it may still bring a smile to his melting face.

who you got, BLACK DOT?

BLACK DOT Features …

BARRY BENNETT (ex-MiLkBabY, Matthew Scharpf’s Strangers & Saints, ex-BombBone, ex-PEEP, Doctor Bonobo, Impending Behavior Orchestra, ex-Apartment) /DRUMMING & VOX;

EDWARD REARDON (Doctor Bonobo, ex-BombBone, Raum Ensemble, 1234, Anananan, Beau O’Reilly-Edward Reardon, Impending Behavior Orchestra) /GUITAR, BASS


2105 S. State