new album coming soon!

new album coming soon!

Barry Bennett Impending News
Thu, Nov 29, 2012

no, really, its true! Black Galaxy Sparkle is finally taking shape. over the past year, it has been fun to throw out works in progress for you to hear. kind of like having you with me as i make it. The record features some great guest spot collaborations from Tracee Westmoreland, Edward Reardon, and Jason Kunesh. as they say, yummy....

here is one more teaser that will be on the record. a little cosmic noir called, Snake Oil Serenade. strap on those phones and click...

BLACK DOT is coming. Bennett, Reardon, and Kunesh have have started sprinkling eye of newt and such in the kettle. will be full blown in 2013.
read. here.

you know i love you, right?