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new music - Mariposa Nocturna

new music - Mariposa Nocturna

Barry Bennett Impending News
Tue, Nov 19, 2013

Hello beautiful humans…

Hope all is good in your worlds.
It is good to be inspired. I’m fortunate to be part of an insanely inspiring community of artists. I’m even more fortunate when they want to make things with me.
I recently was asked to score Stephanie Diaz’s new tabletop show, Mariposa Nocturna … even luckier that it was to include a film by Jessica Mondres. I so was inspired by their work, and Steph’s direction in my process…
Now switch the scene to another spot of inspiration. Opening night for another round of inspired inspiration, Broken Fences @ 16th Street Theater, where my friend Tom inspired me with a question. He kindly said that he really enjoyed the incidental music that I made for that show and had ever considered releasing any of my Theater work to the public. I said I had not. A couple of random pieces had found their way on my albums, and that I didn’t know if there would be much interest in hearing that stuff…
Tom Hrubecky can be very convincing.

As of now, the music from MARIPOSA NOCTURNA, is available for stream and download for the excellent price point of…NAME YOUR OWN PRICE ☺
I really am pleased with this haunting little collection. I hope you enjoy it…

while your at it, check out Jessica Mondres’ cool film made for that show…

I guess that is it. The next time I talk at you in this manner, hopefully, it will be tell you about some live shows. Until then, act on your inspirations…

My latest album of music for music’s sake is still available through Uvulittle Records in a variety of locales and formats… if you haven’t heard it, feel free to enjoy

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