Shows! Solo, Music theater, Ladyscissors. Plus tour!

Shows! Solo, Music theater, Ladyscissors. Plus tour!

Stephanie Rearick's SavantMail
Tue, Sep 9, 2014

Hello all!

I'm excited to report that I'll be playing a show Friday Sept. 19 at Mother Fool's (1101 Williamson St. Madison), 8pm, opening for the wonderful Mary Bue.

Besides bringing her awesome singing, writing, guitar playing and piano playing, Mary will also bring her sunny disposition and HER ELECTRIC PIANO. So that means I can play anything in my repertoire (I'll have the Jr. Casio rig too). First priority will be the piano-based songs that people requested last time, that I couldn't do on my casio. Next priority will be whatever requests you email me in advance. I'll also play my brand new piano songs you haven't yet heard live but are going on my new record every thing everything.

So... in a nutshell - I hope you can make it!

Also, I'll be writing for and playing in another Are We Delicious? show - it's Kino-style musical theater, written, rehearsed and performed in the space of one week. I'm in Musical Library, the one production during the festival with music. Performances Oct. 3 and 4 at Broom St. Theater (1119 Williamson, Madison). Don't miss it! Reserve your tickets now.

And last but not least -
October 18, 10pm, Crystal Corner Bar (1302 Williamson, Madison) Ladyscissors CD Release Party!!!!
We'll celebrate the release of our new CD Glitterbox. Exciting! We will ladyscissors between Peel A Peel and Venus in Furs. Be there!!! (please, I mean)

oh, that wasn't quite last. I have a new record coming out too, "every thing everything" - it has Jr. stuff, piano stuff, some microtonal piano stuff from the concert I did at Farley's years ago. I'm excited for this too! Radically different from the Ladyscissors record coming out around the same time.

And I plan to celebrate by doing a little tour in the UK. If you have suggestions of artists or venues I should connect with please get in touch. I'll go around Oct. 20 - Nov. 10.

Thanks for paying attention and hope to see you sometime!