Aaron Scholz

Aaron Scholz

Born and raised in Iowa, Aaron Scholz spent many years obsessing over his father's collection of Beatles, Who and Dylan records. He sang in the school choir and took some peripheral guitar lessons but never considered music as a way of life. After scratching his head through four years of college, Aaron was dared by some friends to play out at a local open mic and after a few appearances he was hooked. He moved up to Madison in 1996 to join the then steadily shrinking scene. After stints in a few bands (The Ultramaroons, Boba Fettish, and Hoedunk) Scholz released his solo debut Perfect Child in 1999, doing all of the recording and instrumentation himself. The record got local and national coverage.



Perfect Child

February 9, 1999 - In Stock
On Christmas Eve 1998, Aaron rode two hours in a cab to his lady's house. It was there in her basement that he fired up the eight-track and began work on a solo album. It was time. Due to the constant unavailability of sober musicians at 4 a.m., he decided to play the instruments himself. In August of the following year, Speakeasy was privileged enough to lay ears upon these recordings. They... [read more]