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Human Show tomorrow! Plus more Stephanie Rearick solo shows in June and July

Hello all,

I’ve added an exciting new show (skip to the bottom to find out) and I’m also writing to remind you about TOMORROW’s interview/variety show at Cafe Coda. I’ll just play 2 little music sets to bookend a longer-than-usual very fascinating interview about China. Bring your own questions to ask from the audience!

Sat. June 4, 3pm at Cafe CODA 1224 Williamson St. The Human Show ep. 13: The T in China
my monthly interview/variety show at Cafe CODA has changed days and times - we’re now doing it the... [read more]


Courtyard Concert FRIDAY 5/27 (rain date!)

Hello all

It’s supposed to rain all day today and clear up to be nice, sunny, and warm for tomorrow evening, when I hope to see you at

7pm paper antler Courtyard Session 4222 Yuma Dr. Madison - Outdoor House Concert! Please come out for this, it’s the big full show I’ve been wanting to play. Outdoors, at a new venue for arts and shows. Perfect setting!

$10 suggested donation, BYOB.

And then you can still go out afterward if you want to. :)

Hope you can make it.


Courtyard Concert THURSDAY 5/26 (new date!) + more shows info

Hello friends,

Here is an updated schedule of my upcoming solo shows. They will be very different from each other, in case you want to check out more than one. Progressing from a junior rig with casio, loops, vocals, and trumpet, to adding electric piano for the house concert, to a piano-based show at Make Music Madison.

Sat. May 21, 2-11pm at OM Tiny Houses 1901 Aberg - Sharefest! I’ll play a set sometime between 6:30-8pm during the free dinner, during this daylong extravaganza of skillshares, food, music,... [read more]


Stephanie Rearick shows for May and June 2022


I’m pleased to report that after a long dry spell, I’m about to play a bunch of shows. They’ll be quite different from one another so feel free to collect all 5!

This Wednesday, May 18, 6-8pm Outside at Garver Feed Mill! 3241 Garver Green Madison - I’m really excited to play 3 songs as part of a shared show in a weekly showcase of the awesome Def Sonic.

Sat. May 21, 2-11pm at OM Tiny Houses 1901 Aberg - Sharefest! I’ll play a set from 6-7pm during the free dinner, during this... [read more]


Sunday 3/13 - The Human Show ep 11: Celebration of Life and Renewal

The Human Show ep. 11: Celebration of Life and Renewal
Sunday March 13, 2-3pm at Cafe CODA 1224 Williamson St. Madison
and live streamed at cafecoda.club

I’ll celebrate the lives of two people very dear and important to me who passed into ancestorship recently - Edgar Cahn and John Wagnitz.

Then celebrate youth and renewal with my young guest Micah Vedder, who will play some drums with me on an improvised piece and share some of his thoughts in a short interview.
(We’ll catch up with Joey Banks at a later... [read more]


Music Video - Ladyscissors - Ascending Like Flies

Official music video - Ascending Like Flies - Ladyscissors

Filmed at Crucible Madison


Mother Fool's 25th bday party tomorrow plus more music through June

Mother Fool's 25th bday party tomorrow plus more music through June

Stephanie Rearick's SavantMail
Fri, Jun 5, 2020

Yes, it’s a weird time to celebrate, yet there’s also much to celebrate in the solidarity being embodied around the world for defending black lives. And we think it’s really important to have fun, enjoy and make art, and be together. Well, kinda together - mostly on zoom (wah wah)

NOTE: if you received an earlier version of this email it’s likely it had the wrong zoom link. This one should be correct... [read more]


A Variety of Shows and Parties coming soon...

But before that, it would be remiss not to acknowledge this is coming in the
midst of terrible suffering and horror, and I wish for each of you that
you’re staying safe, healthy, and doing everything you’re able to bring
peace and health upon this world, for everyone

and now for something completely different….

Sunday May 31st, 12noon CDT/6pmUK on Zoom!
https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84747802464 [1]

Timebank/HUMANs... [read more]


Music in the time of COVID

Hello all

I hope you're faring well.

I just thought to write an update on my musical life, because I'm thinking about it.

You may or may not know that I got discouraged about playing solo for a couple years, and effectively quit doing that. Since I didn't play a ton to begin with, and part of my discouragement was in the fact that people often didn't seem to notice when I WAS playing, my little sadsacky hiatus kinda stayed under the radar.

Well, I'm glad to report I finally got over myself and decided to start... [read more]


Shows! Negative Example TONIGHT, Ladyscissors and Stephanie solo soon

Hello all,

It would be lovely to see you at a show soon, and you have many varied ones to choose from.

Negative Example at Mickey’s!
I play keys in Bucky Pope’s band Negative Example. The music is cool and original, kinda jazzy, kinda punky, kinda balls out rock n roll, or something :)
Wood Chickens
Combo #5 extra large w/ a Coke

The Red Flags (Janesville)
Extra crispy meal deal w/ a Dr. Pepper

Negative Example
Large value meal w/ curly fries

10 PM
21... [read more]



Hi friends,

I am happy to see the lovely review of my new record in this past week's ISTHMUS. I'll share it with you here, if you haven't seen it yet. It reminds me of the hard work that my bandmates put in, and of course of the excellent circa-1978 open-reel engineering Bruce Kasprzyk did to make this recording sound so rich:


Check out this live video of Pete St. John's tune, "The Fields of... [read more]


Playing solo and more at Social Justice Center open house Tomorrow! and other August shows

Hello friends,

I’m writing to tell you about/remind you of some more upcoming shows. Last time I included info about the SJC Open House (tomorrow!) I wasn’t on the music itinerary, but now I am. And excited to be playing a real piano plus my jr. rig, so again anything is possible. Please try to make it! Food, fun, music, learning, a chance to share your vision for your community and also pitch in to make it real.

Friday July 20, 6-10pm
The Future of Social Justice - Renovation Kickoff and fundraiser for Social Justice... [read more]


try a little democracy

hi there

I had occasion to re-listen to my 2007 album Democracy the other day - for the first time in several years - and I must say I was gratified to hear how much I like how it sounds. And devastated to hear how relevant its very dark political subject matter is right now.

So I decided to give it away as a belated July 4 present. Feel free to download it here - https://s3.amazonaws.com/uvustore/Stephanie-Rearick-Democracy-mp3.zip

I'll... [read more]


Lots of shows this summer - Stephanie solo, Ladyscissors, Negative Example, and Girls are Go!

Hello lovely people,

I'm writing to report a bunch of shows coming up. I'm happy to say I've been playing more music with more people, and am now a regular part of both Negative Example (Bucky Pope of Tar Babies) and Girls are Go! (Bucky's in this band too but it's fronted by 3 awesome women vocalists - Jen Hawins, Kelli Larson, Eena Taylor - playing girl group music of the 50s 60s 70s and more)

Here they are, in order

Sat. June 9, 8pm
Ladyscissors at the Trempealeau Hotel, Trempealeau WI... [read more]


Ritt Deitz - New Video - Up In Ohio

New music from Ritt Deitz!

The full album ("Horses and Smoke") will be out late summer, 2018. For now, enjoy Ritt and friends, featuring Biff Blumfumgagnge as they rock Up In Ohio.

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