Shows and parties! Starting this Friday

Hello friends,

I have some parties and shows to invite you to

Fri. June 30. 4-8pm Love Fractals art opening and party at the Social Justice Center 1202 Williamson.
4-5pm I’ll host a Dream Time workshop on behalf of the Madison MAN Coop,
5-8 I’ll host an open mic and also play a set of my own music. Plus super special guest BarryBennettSounds! You know Barry Bennett from MiLkBabY, Grape Juice Plus, and more. Join us for a really fun night! Hosted by 608 Arts, co-hosted by the Madison MAN (Mutual Aid Network)... [read more]


Upcoming shows for June and July


I hope you can make it to one of my upcoming solo shows. 
Note that I’ve added one and changed the start time for another.

Wed. June 21, 12:45 - 1:15 Talbot Gallery 2118 Atwood Ave.
Make Music Madison 
I’ll play a short solo set, outside if it’s nice but we’re on rain or shine! 

Sat. June 24 3-4:30pm Cafe CODA  1224 Williamson and live-streamed from cafecoda.club (check their fb page for the link)
The Human Show ep. 19: Home is Where… 
Featuring Ashley Hudson and Michele Ball in... [read more]


2 shows coming up! Human Show sat 5/27, 3pm + UW Terrace Fri 6/2, 4-6pm

Hello friends!

I have 2 shows coming up, both in the afternoon, as it happens...

Sat May 27, 3-4:30pm - at Cafe CODA 1224 Williamson St., and live-streamed from http://cafecoda.club - better if you’re there though :)

The Human Show ep. 18: What do May flowers bring?

Huan-Hua Chye is the featured guest on both interview and music, and we’ll chat on the topic of global migration, including our own families’ migration stories. We’ll be treated to some of Huan-Hua’s fantastic... [read more]


Set List Time Machine

I don't do this often, but I'm going to write a blog about a set list I played and what it means to me now.

I recently came across my set list for my last show pre-covid lockdown etc etc - Feb. 23, 2020 at Sean Michael Dargan's Rock n Roll Supper Club. A beautiful, complex production that was just getting off the ground and about to be aborted, like everything else.

Like a lot of my music, this set has ended up feeling really prescient. I had no idea things would unfold in the extreme ways they did, and continue to.

... [read more]


POSTPONED! Stephanie Rearick hosts The Human Show ep. 17 Now Saturday 4.22, 3pm CDT at Cafe CODA!

It snowed too much here for us to do this show today so we're moving the whole shebang to next month! Sat April 22, 3pm

The Human Show ep. 17: Hope Springs Eternal. Feat. 3 generations of Vedders and 2 musical guests!
Moved to Sat April, 3-4:30pm at Cafe CODA 1224 Williamson St. Madison WI and livestreamed from http://cafecoda.club

Barbara Vedder shares her hopes for the future, including but not limited to her recent 2nd Act on Madison’s City Council. Echnaton shares about some... [read more]


Updated show info Feb. 25-June 2

Hello all,

I’m writing about 3 upcoming shows that I’d love for you to come to (the one this Saturday is live streamed from cafecoda.club - that’s why you’re getting this if you’re far away. Also - Beau friends and fans, I plan to play his/our song in my last set of music, between 4-4:30CST).

Saturday Feb 25, 3pm (CST) The Human Show ep. 16: Crimethink Inc. or...
The Political is Personal

Featuring interview guests John Nichols on the state of
political discourse and organizing, and Sharon Irwin on her... [read more]


Upcoming Stephanie Rearick shows

Hello all,

I’m writing about 3 upcoming shows that I’d love for you to come to.

Saturday Feb 25, 3-4:30pm (CST) The Human Show ep. 16: Crimethink Inc. or... The Political is Personal

Featuring interview guests John Nichols (bio and pic soon) on the state of political discourse and organizing, and Sharon Irwin on her petition to bring charges against police officer Matt Kenny who shot and killed her grandson, Tony Terrell Robinson Jr., in March 2015.

I’ll play a few songs on the themes, including the debut of a... [read more]


Saturday 10/22, 3pm at Cafe CODA --The Human Show ep. 15: Changing the Narrative


Next Saturday I’m playing a show that’’s important to me, and I’d like to invite you to come in person or join on the livestream. and if you’re not available that day, the recording will be shared later...

Saturday 10/22/22, 3pmCDT Human Show Ep. 15: Changing the Narrative feat. interview guests Aaron Cutler and Paul Abramson, music by Stephanie Rearick and Aaron Cutler

At Cafe CODA, 1224 Williamson St Madison WI, and livestreamed from cafecoda.club (check there and facebook for streaming info in advance)

... [read more]

Saturday 10/22, 3pm at Cafe CODA --The Human Show ep. 15: Changing the Narrative

Hello all,

I’m writing to let you know about the one show I have on the books for this fall (and let me know if you see other opportunities to play, serendipity has been working well for this lately). Otherwise I’ll be doing my monthly Human Show interview/variety show at Cafe CODA on the 4th Saturday each month, and guessing winter holidays will have a say in the matter… Then Dec. 4 a short set at the Harmony Bar to celebrate another musician lost too soon. More on that later.

For now -

Saturday 10/22/22, 3pm The... [read more]


Music in Detroit, Variety in Madison :)

hello all

I have 2 shows coming up that I’d love for you to know about.

First, this Sunday

Sunday July 24, 7pm at Marygrove College in Detroit MI
I open for the great Stanley Clarke! This is wildly exciting for me. How did it happen, you ask? well, Stanley Clarke is family with one of the organizers of this conference I’m presenting at in Detroit, and now I get to play this show where the theme is Changing the Narrative. Our Detroit-based hosts, Khary and Piper, will lead a conversation on the topic, I’ll play a... [read more]


2 afternoon shows Fri + Sat - SR solo on the Terrace then interview/variety The Human Show

Hello all,

I’m very glad to have music both to escape and to process the very complicated world around us. I’d be happy to share that with you this weekend :)

I really hope you can come to the Terrace on Friday 4-6 for my first time playing up there all by myself. I’m very excited for it!

Friday July 1, 4-6 pm at UW Memorial Union Terrace! I play solo for the Behind the Beat series. Very exciting to play this iconic outdoor venue. I’ll play 2 sets full of music you haven’t heard in awhile. Plus it’ll... [read more]


Human Show tomorrow! Plus more Stephanie Rearick solo shows in June and July

Hello all,

I’ve added an exciting new show (skip to the bottom to find out) and I’m also writing to remind you about TOMORROW’s interview/variety show at Cafe Coda. I’ll just play 2 little music sets to bookend a longer-than-usual very fascinating interview about China. Bring your own questions to ask from the audience!

Sat. June 4, 3pm at Cafe CODA 1224 Williamson St. The Human Show ep. 13: The T in China
my monthly interview/variety show at Cafe CODA has changed days and times - we’re now doing it the... [read more]


Courtyard Concert FRIDAY 5/27 (rain date!)

Hello all

It’s supposed to rain all day today and clear up to be nice, sunny, and warm for tomorrow evening, when I hope to see you at

7pm paper antler Courtyard Session 4222 Yuma Dr. Madison - Outdoor House Concert! Please come out for this, it’s the big full show I’ve been wanting to play. Outdoors, at a new venue for arts and shows. Perfect setting!

$10 suggested donation, BYOB.

And then you can still go out afterward if you want to. :)

Hope you can make it.


Courtyard Concert THURSDAY 5/26 (new date!) + more shows info

Hello friends,

Here is an updated schedule of my upcoming solo shows. They will be very different from each other, in case you want to check out more than one. Progressing from a junior rig with casio, loops, vocals, and trumpet, to adding electric piano for the house concert, to a piano-based show at Make Music Madison.

Sat. May 21, 2-11pm at OM Tiny Houses 1901 Aberg - Sharefest! I’ll play a set sometime between 6:30-8pm during the free dinner, during this daylong extravaganza of skillshares, food, music,... [read more]


Stephanie Rearick shows for May and June 2022


I’m pleased to report that after a long dry spell, I’m about to play a bunch of shows. They’ll be quite different from one another so feel free to collect all 5!

This Wednesday, May 18, 6-8pm Outside at Garver Feed Mill! 3241 Garver Green Madison - I’m really excited to play 3 songs as part of a shared show in a weekly showcase of the awesome Def Sonic.

Sat. May 21, 2-11pm at OM Tiny Houses 1901 Aberg - Sharefest! I’ll play a set from 6-7pm during the free dinner, during this... [read more]