Stephanie Rearick


Stephanie Rearick

May 7, 2007
Uvulittle Records

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Democracy, Rearick's fourth solo CD, is dark piano-driven experimental pop music. It is her most political work to date -- fiercely critical while shining rays of hope into the rubble of 21st century scorched-earth politics. Democracy was recorded and produced by Rearick (piano, vocals and trumpet) with assistance from Edward Reardon (Coma Savant producer) and Jon Hain.

"You hear intimate confessions that balance winsome and anguished singing in an ongoing dialogue with her keyboard, which alternates rock 'n' roll drive, boogie-woogie bounce and a dark severity that recalls classical etudes and the brooding fire of avant-garde jazz master Cecil Taylor...

Rearick's balance of "happy accidents" and deliberate form shows artistic maturity, even as she grows increasingly expressive. She has shorn some precious techno-baroque effects and cranked up emotional resonance...

Her protective weapon is music, loaded with creative energy, vision and hope." - Capital Times

"Like Elliott Smith, Rearick can take piano chords and turn them into a dream. Her mastery of the keyboard isn't just technical, it's emotional...

She conjures otherworldly feelings right from the start of Democracy. The opening track, "Flyboy," is pure childhood innocence, wrapped in the whirling excitement of carnival music. From there the album gets edgy and nervous, referencing the macho arrogance of the president: "And if you had a market for a category hurricane, you'd rev up the motorcade and show 'em what you've got...

Democracy is good enough to stand in the company of the best independent music being made right now. By all measures, it deserves to find its way to Pitchfork and to Seattle's tastemaking KEXP radio." -Isthmus

[ Stephanie Rearick ]
1 Flyboy 2:58
2 Motorcade 1:23
3 Nothing New 2:13
4 Night 2:17
5 Democracy - Leonard Cohen 7:18
6 Across The Universe - Lennon/McCartney 4:25
7 Cosmos and Asters 1:27
8 Dear Shadow 1:36
9 In The Rain 2:51
10 Birthright 3:34
11 Man Who Stole Tomorrow 7:49
12 Native Tongue 2:00
13 You Don't Know 2:18
14 sonnet entitled how to run the world) - text by e.e. cumming 4:47