MiLkBabY formed in late '97 and have released 5 CDs and scored several world premire dance and theatre pieces. MiLkBabY is famous for their trancendental live performances bringing the avant and immediate nature of improvisation to the tribal / electronic realm and have shared the stage with luminaries such as Kahil El Zabar, Fareed Haque, Paul Wertico, and The Frogs. MiLkBabY's music, though strange and unique, seems to be enjoyed and cherished by a wide range of fans whether they be young or old - rock, jam, gothic, organic, or techno.



May 3, 2007 - In Stock
Prog-ambient-tribal-rock music. The latest release from MiLkBabY slices and dices the world of progressive and groove-oriented electronica into slivers of Bjork-laden psychedelica a la key lime pie era Social Distortion. "...the music of Chicago's Milkbaby is nearly impossible to quantify. The duo of Barry Bennett and Darren Shepherd engage in a bizarre blur of electronics, percussion, brass,... [read more]

greeting from the north mission

February 22, 2004 - In Stock
MiLkBabY returns to the studio with their new line-up to record an amazing new disc. Features Barry Bennett (acoustic and electronic percussion, vocal, keyboard, knobs-n-wires) and Darren Shepherd (electric guitar.) The songs range from quietly meditative to seriously funky and freaky. A must for improv lovers and for those looking for something a little of the beaten path. Full of great... [read more]

sTRangE JuKeBoX: Live at Mother Fool's

September 9, 2001 - In Stock
Great live set by Chicago's masters of Organic Tribal Trance, MiLkBabY. Recorded June 22, 2001 at Mother Fool's in Madison, this disc shows MiLkBabY at their most extreme. Ranges from cool-breeze melodic trance to full-force beat-driven freakouts. Yes, this is MiLkBabY LIVE!!


January 23, 2000 - In Stock
This set of organic tribal trance work-outs is sure to impress both the experimenters and the ravers, as MiLkBabY seems to have a foot firmly in both schools. Primal, lush, evocative, and hypnotic, hUmaN was recorded without any over-dubs and serves as a great representation of the brillance of this Chicago Trio.

Implied Muse-iks

November 23, 1998 - In Stock
History: Formed in early '97, MiLkBabY honed its sound scoring plays and dance theatre pieces. Bridging the gap between between man and machine, tribal and techno, dreamscape and earth; MiLkBabY's sound is hard to classify. Their use of fierce percussion, lush synth textures, primal-soaring vocals, and the chemistry of the trio's improvisation create a body/mind experience that is hard to... [read more]