Mariposa drinks Grape Juice Plus with Fred at Jerry's….

Mariposa drinks Grape Juice Plus with Fred at Jerry's….

Barry Bennett Impending News
Mon, Jul 28, 2014
Hey Beauties…

There a bit to tell you that you might be interested in, so I should get to it. First a word of advice: if you use Pandora or some such service, make a radio station with Gong as the keyword with Hawkwind as a variety word. Enjoy…

***** MARIPOSA NOCTURNA: A Puppet Triptych / 16TH STREET THEATER * 6420 16th Street Berwyn, IL/ AUG 15TH&16TH @ 7:30PM – AUG 17TH@3PM / *****

I was thrilled to compose the score for this special, individual work from the mind Stephanie Diaz..

16th Street Theater says, ” A child’s wish for her dying grandmother to have “a happy sleep” results in a bawdy, Japanese shadow-dream; a pair of bird-headed spinsters suddenly find themselves custodians of a large, glowing egg; a lonely toy carriage embarks upon a jaunty odyssey in search of buried dreams. Employing handcrafted tabletop and shadow puppets, Mariposa Nocturna explores loss, longing and rebirth in this gently humorous, darkly beautiful and emotionally resonant new work.”

click for tickets:

soundtrack available for stream and download:

***** GRAPE JUICE PLUS!?!?! *****

What is it? A haunted liquid to stimulate the auditory nerves? Ape Astronaut Zira’s favorite libation? The latest group situation for music making to filter through the webbing of BarryBennettSounds?

all of the above…

Born out of a series of Monday morning sessions with guitarist Eric Klotz after Black Dot went on hiatus when everybody but Bennett either moved to Vienna, Boston, or stared a company called Pubic Good. Solo shows as BarryBennettSounds were going well and are ongoing, but still had the desire to get out of his sandbox and curate a group. His friend Eric had expressed interest in doing some playing at Cigars & Stripes after a Black Dot show….

we’re off to see the wizard, i guess…


recorded live in 2008 at Burkhart Underground on Noble. Features original MiLkBabies David Lee Smith and Myself on Handsonics and Mr. Burkhart vocals. Think Nurse with Wound meets Alan Ginsburg. Project was pushed to life when Fred asked me to edit the recording for release on CD and to hurry because he was down to 110 lbs. done. very limited release. CD only. Signed and numbered copies can be obtained from Fred by emailing, or a few unsigned and numbered copies will be in my merch box when you all see me out in public.


***** NEW MUSIC: Barry meets Jerry: BarryBennettSounds live @ Jerry's *****

Solo show recored live this June at Jerry's in Chicago. some of you are receiving you first newsletter after signing the list at that show! spooky, right? digital only. yummy. nice compare and contrast with full on studio stuff.


thats all for now.
thanks for making my way of life possible...