Ivan Klipstein

Ivan Klipstein

Around 1994, Ivan Klipstein of Madison, Wisconsin began recording and performing his unique brand of rock n' roll music. Over the course of three very different albums and several tours, he honed his ever-changing trademark style. Funky one moment, sad and lonesome the next, his music became increasingly impossible to pin-down. Always restless and up to something new, Ivan's stage perona (and name) began morphing by about 2002. Infrequent appearences under various pseudonyms (Elevenaire, Peachfuzz, Strumbuddy, etc.) followed, leaving some fans confused and even frustrated. Who knows what's next?




March 22, 2001 - In Stock
Where do even start in trying to describe Ivan Klipstein? The very notion of genre-jumping seems too tame to even begin to talk about Ivan or his new CD, "Lifestyle." It has elements of rock, pop, Brit-rock, rap, gospel, and just about every other musical form of the last 50 years. And, the amazing thing is the grace and excellence that he brings to this highly polished and fully realized project... [read more]