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Pablo Jones

Pablo is a Minneapolis based singer-songwriter. He has performed throughout the U.S. and has released two full-length CD's: Vulgar Modalities (1998 Spiderbone Records) and Bitches and Machines (2001 Sursumcorda). Pablo has been described as a folk artist with a post-punk sensibility, a poet whose influences range from Lenny Bruce to Walt Whitman, an unnervingly honest crafter of obscene and eloquent anti-tunes. In 1999 he was voted "Best Acoustic Performer" by City Pages in their Annual Best of the Twin Cities issue.

"It takes a certain knack to sing raw folk songs about sex and violence without sounding merely provocative or exhibitionist. Pablo has it, and he use his startling range to play out the drama of his street-level stories." - City Pages

"Sparse, profane, abrasive - a perverse amalgam of G.G Alin and Woody Guthrie. He shocks the listener with Lenny Bruce-like obscenity, and then follows up with touching insight." - Pulse


Bitches and Machines

December 18, 2001 - In Stock
There's huge lots mucho good to say about "Bitches and Machines," the dynamite sophomore effort from Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter Pablo. Pegged by some as a "Folk artist with a post-punk sensibility," I prefer to describe Pablo as "Some guy with a guitar who, lyrically and experimentally, makes the rest of the CD's currently in my CD player sound like shit. And I don't listen to shit."... [read more]