ah. it's like you're talking and you just can't

Jack The Dog

ah. it's like you're...

Jack The Dog

November 22, 1997
Eighth Day Music

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Contains three major compositions:
-- Excuses (15:11)
-- Eric's Flip (30:18)
-- Spacesuit Annie (20:32)

These are long and dense testaments, in a concept album spirit.

"The twosome composes collaboratively, often using performance art tactics, sometimes incorporating taped audio-verite soundscapes, additional tracks of music, or brash sound collages, and performing brisk unison lines that hark back as much to Frank Zappa's "serious" music as to the heyday of minimalism."
-- John Corbett, Chicago Reader Critic's Choice, April 1998

[ Jeff Kowalkowsi ] [ Carrie Biolo ]
1 gooseberry island jack 0:43
2 excuses 15:17
3 eric's flip 30:24
4 spacesuit annie 20:32