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Makeshift Ego


Makeshift Ego

January 26, 2006
Self released

"Singer-guitarist Kari sets the tone with a weathered, raspy trill focused in the same way as Chan Marshall's is in Cat Power. But bleak images cry out for hope through Shane's fluid guitar melodies, and it all turns out to be quite wonderfully heart-wrenching and beautifully melancholy." The Onion

"The recording is noteworthy for the rich sound the duo achieve by weaving together two beautifully played acoustic guitars." The Isthmus

Makeshift Ego's first album features two interacting acoustic guitars, both with their own distinct sound, hand drums and shakers, and one unique female vocal that has been described as the sound of "home". This description seems appropriate for the album's underlying theme of finding home. Songs like "I Tried" and "Who Are You Crying To" reference this idea more directly, while the implications of searching for home and discovering personal identity and self-acceptance can be heard in "Take", "All In Your Head" and "Convince Me." Other tracks are not as obviously contemplative and take on a more humorous approach to some of life's uncomfortable situations-- "Be Kind" is about an awkward encounter with a stranger, and "Jello Boy" is a story about a girl's response to a boy's bizarre attempts to impress her.

The album will leave you with a feeling of personal hope and a few laughs at the creative lyrics and descriptions of some of life's strange situations.

[ Kari Keapproth ] [ Shane Tryon ]


1 all in your head 3:52
2 i tried 3:41
3 time can't win 2:38
4 jello boy 2:28
5 hot 4:14
6 convince me 6:15
7 be kind 2:53
8 pages 1:52
9 this is why 5:28
10 take 3:36
11 who are you crying to 4:38
12 times past 2:42

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