Pretty Little Town

The Midwesterners

Pretty Little Town

The Midwesterners

October 1, 2002
Darlingtone Records


"Pretty Little Town" is the second CD by The Midwesterners on Darlingtone Records.

Located in the 'frozen tundra' of Madison, Wisconsin, and spearheaded by Richard Wiegel, who plays guitar and writes the songs, the CD runs the gamut from rock to twang to rockabilly and all points in between.

Comprised of guitar, standup bass, drums and steel guitar, the CD reflects stellar production values and journeyman musicianship.

Recorded and mixed at Coney Island and Smart Studios, (home of Garbage), in Madison, by Mark Haines, who also worked on 'Straightaways' by Son Volt, the album was released in October 2000.

I can't get it out of the CD player!" Big Al Watts PBS 106.7 FM North Melbourne, Australia "Instantly the 1st song blew me away."

Fantastic twang guitar and steel, great singing and outstanding compositions.

Gerd Stassen DJ in Germany "Everything is so close to perfection in this work, the vocals, the playing, the arrangements and of course the songs themselves.

This is possibly one of the best Americana albums I have heard"

[ Richard Wiegel ] [ Mark Haines ] [ Dennis Reifsteck ] [ Frank Anderson ] [ Rich Larson ] [ Chris Hess ] [ Beverly Jean ]
1 I'm Gonna Run Your Roadblock Of Love 2:40
2 If You Don't Go You Won't Know 3:40
3 You Can't Unring A Bell 2:50
4 Somewhere Outta Denver 3:40
5 Scene Of The Crime 2:59
6 The Heart Of It All 4:08
7 On The Outside 3:22
8 Unsafe At Any Speed 2:46
9 Guitar Problem 3:04
10 Dark Tavern Blues 2:52
11 The Winter Of '96 2:49
12 Your Ramblin' Boy Is Lost 2:23