Grape JuiCE PLUS w /Stephanie Rearick

Grape JuiCE PLUS w /Stephanie Rearick

Saturday, June 15, 2019 - 8:00pm

Mother Fool's

1101 Williamson
All Ages

hello beautiful!

This Saturday June 15th, the mighty Grape Juice Plus leaves Illinois for the first time!

I mean, we're not shut ins, as a band yo!


I gotta say, this one this one feels kinda special…not only is it GJP’s first time out of Illinois, but its the first time space ape Barry has been on the Mother Fool’s stage since 2006 — a place regularly haunted from 1997 until that time with his band MiLkBabY — a place that houses Uvulittle Records which put out several of said band’s albums. I love these humans and super friend and talent, Stephanie Rearick opens the show. wheeeeeeeee!

so WI, Juicers...come out!

world wide juicers, tell a WI human about juicing!

IL juicers, take a trip! see the house on the rock!

summing up for ed:

GRAPE JUICE PLUS W/ Stephanie Rearick

Saturday June 15th


1101 Williamson * Madison WI

8pm! All Ages!


see you soooooooooooooooooooon!


Grape Juice Plus / Barry Bennett, Stephanie Rearick