Madison - Ladyscissors w/ Jimmy Sugarcane People and Dr. Pete Larson

Madison - Ladyscissors w/ Jimmy Sugarcane People and Dr. Pete Larson

Saturday, February 23, 2019 - 9:30pm

Harmony Bar

2201 Atwood Ave
Madison, WI 53704
[Map link]

Ladyscissors (Madison) Rock four-piece does jangly, slinky rock that ranges from REM-like pop to moody, hypnotic rockabilly, a la, early Velvet Underground. Female harmonies float over crunchy guitars with urgent, potent lyrics holding it all together.

"The [quartet] blends those late-Fifties-style vocal elements and early-Sixties instrumental references, protecting the ethos of the not-too-studied brand of rock musician that delivers it straight from the gut while spiking the punch with a dose of punk raunchiness. As the name might suggest, Ladyscissors keeps the music fun and the production decidedly real." - Local Sounds Magazine

Ladyscissors - Hot Potato Sweet Potato Video

Ladyscissors - Swampy (from most recent album, To The Nines)

Jimmy Sugarcane is a Nigerian artist who infuses his energetic dancehall with Afrobeats, hip-hop and roots reggae. After several years performing in the Chicago area he now calls Madison home and is joined on drums here by local musician Luke Bassuener (Asumaya, Disaster Passport).

Dr. Pete Larson is a performer from Ann Arbor, Michigan who has honed his multi-instrumental skills in areas as far reaching as Mississippi, Japan and most recently Kenya. He performs a challenging mix of traditional and new on a variety of instruments, but most recently the nyatiti, an eight stringed lyre from the nile regions of East Africa. He combines African dance beats and rhythms with modern American avant and electronic influences to create a captivating ambient aural experience. Dr. Larson also runs Dagoretti Records, a label specializing in innovative global musics.