T-shirt Art Harvest Festival - The There Was A Mans

T-shirt Art Harvest Festival - The There Was A Mans

Friday, September 24, 2010 - 8:00pm

American Indian Center

1630 W. Wilson Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640
[Map link]
All Ages

The There Was A Mans are the 2nd of 3 great acts and will hit the stage around 9:30. Also on the bill: Brian Imig, Darren and Sophie

from the Belmondos and MC Sparkplug.

Party for freedom at the “T-shirt Art Harvest Festival”, September 24-26th with art and music all weekend long at the American Indian Center, 1630 W. Wilson Avenue.

Fest founder, artist C. Drew, is fighting for his freedom and yours. The State of Illinois intends to make a political prisoner of the artist for testing the peddlers license law by selling art for $1 on State Street in Chicago. The State has charged him with a 1st class felony (4-15 years in prison) for audio-recording his own arrest for selling art in public.

Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez has decided Mr. Drew must first fight for your freedom to gather information (audio record) on how your public servants (police) treat you in public while on duty so that you can offer evidence in court to protect yourself from abuse, as is your First Amendment right in the U.S.A. The ACLU-IL is suing Anita Alvarez for prosecuting citizens who audio-record police in public while they are on duty and Mr. Drew is countering these police state tactics with the Art Patch Project.

Art Patch Project art will be featured alongside 22 years of T-shirt art at the 22nd annual T-shirt Art Harvest Festival. Bands will play free all weekend. Come pick-up Art Patch Project art-patches and boogie-down.

Also displayed will be comments by people from around Chicago and the Nation in reaction to the actions of the States of Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts to incarcerate citizens for exercising their First Amendment right to audio-record their public servants in public.

All who attend will be invited to add their own comments on this pressing issue confronting our Nation today. fight for your own freedom at this year's T-shirt Art Harvest Festival. Stand up for your rights. Party free for Freedom all weekend!

The There Was A Mans