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Jay Moran

Collected (1999-2000)

Ritt Deitz

Uvulittle Records

Collected (1999-2000)
Since STAY is now out of print and HILLBILLY will soon be, Ritt has put together a collection of favorites from his first 2 albums for Uvulittle Records. Included is a new single, "Shake," on which Deitz plays all the instruments.

In addition to Deitz on acoustic guitar and vocals, a wide cast of players including Steve Burke, Joe Meisel, Jay Moran and Bif Blumfumgagnge round out the tracks with piano, dobro... [more]

After The Mountains

Ritt Deitz

Uvulittle Records

AFTER THE MOUNTAINS is Ritt's latest batch of beautiful, straight-ahead songs.

This is solid acoustic roots rock.

The songs move seamlessly from single, lingering melodies to the train-like stomp riffs that fans know from Ritt's vibrant live shows. Like this Kentuckian when he's on stage, Ritt's recordings are the fruit of years of playing - traditional music and rock and roll, in band after band, with pals, family and the occasional rival.

The Onion says, "He works the... [more]

Pleasure Isle

Ritt Deitz

Bentback Records

Ritt Deitz's third CD, PLEASURE ISLE, is a story of pools, sex, trains, rivers, dogs, barges, babies, Moses, small hands, and softball.

Madison's Isthmus calls the release, "well-wrought folk-rock" from a weathered band of old friends, players Ritt has long shared stages and studios with.

Rhythm writes that "Deitz has one of those voices that rings with authenticity..."

This album is something of a song in itself. The music comes from a very honest and grounded space. It... [more]

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