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When The River Meets The Sea

Rose Polenzani
February 21, 2010

Self Released

Rose Polenzani with Session Americana

One of our favorite artists, Rose Polenzani, clocks in with a great set of tunes recorded with Boston's Session American. The whole thing has a nice laid back feel with mandolin, harmonica, accordion and, of course, Rose's lovely voice and beautiful song writing.


Rose Polenzani
February 21, 2010

Polenzani calls this CD, "A collection of intimate, misfit home recordings."

In fact, it is her strongest work to date.

Her voice is front and center where it belongs. The instrumentation always complements the song, as opposed to becoming it. Her writing is dead-on in both economy and mysticism. She manages to always sound like she is imparting knowledge.. perhaps she is. From quiet, meditative and introspective (Blue Angel, And These Hands) to hard edged rock (Expain it to... [more]

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