MAN crowdfund launches Dec 1! Plus solo show 12/14


I just finished making a little video with my friend Marina Kelly, to support our crowdfunding campaign for Mutual Aid Networks. We launch Tuesday December 1 at 7am CST and I would be ever so grateful if you would choose to go give some money. This project is how I intend to be able to make a living making music and doing the kind of community organizing work I really enjoy, and how I intend to help create a situation where everyone else can do exactly what they want, too. Check it out. Give and share if you're moved to do so.

This goes live tomorrow December 1 at 7am CST!!!

The link is too long for the format of this blog, so be sure to paste the 2nd half in from the next line, too!

and you can learn more at


And I've been practicing for my show at the Frequency.

Monday December 14, 8:30pm, the Frequency, 121 W. Main St. Madison WI
I play solo, on an electric piano. I'm not even bringing my Casio and I probably won't play trumpet either. Focusing on piano-oriented songs, including some I haven't played much in awhile.

I'm first, followed by the Hemmingbirds and Jennifer Hedstrom. Nice and early for a school night! You can even bring the kids (if they can stay up until 9:30)

Hope you can make it!

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