Rearick 12/14/15 show, gift ideas, 2016 tour, MAN news etc


First things first -
I’m playing solo MONDAY! nice and early for your Tuesday morning obligations…
on electric piano so I’ll be playing a set that’s pretty different from most you’ve heard lately

Monday December 14, 8:30pm, the Frequency, 121 W. Main St. Madison WI
I'm first, followed by the Hemmingbirds and Jennifer Hedstrom. You can even bring the kids (if they can stay up until 9:30)

and this show on Monday is kind of topical, reflecting some transitions I’m making and it means something to me to mark it musically in this way…

and a lot of what it’s marking is the launch of Mutual Aid Networks (MANs) and my effort to build a network of mutual support that enables everyone to do what they want to do with their time, and have a good living from it (starting with me and anyone else we can recruit, starting in January).

Please check this page out to learn more
There’s a short video there that Marina Kelly and I just made. And now you’ll see a link to a new pilot site in South Africa! Check it out, I’m really excited about all of it...
Then please give and share if you're moved to do so.

Part of my transition, which I call MANning Up because I’ll be documenting how I can meet my needs through a variety of resource sharing and exchange tools developed in a MAN context, involves touring a lot next year. (This great article from last week's Isthmus sheds a tiny bit of light on this -

I’m asking people to share suggestions of venues to play, artists to share bills with, places to do cooperative economic stuff.

Please reply to this email if you want more information or to offer help or suggestions for the 2016 tour.

almost forgot to mention that Ladyscissors will be recording for our second album late February. Awesome! Stay tuned for To the Nines, Glitterbox, Figure it Out, Swampy and more.

And last but not least…
it’s likely you need to get gifts for people this time of year.
Don’t forget about Ladyscissors Glitterbox panties! T-shirts too!

or music and other treats from Ladyscissors, Stephanie Rearick, and other Uvulittle artists

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon
take care