Saturday 10/22, 3pm at Cafe CODA --The Human Show ep. 15: Changing the Narrative

Hello all,

I’m writing to let you know about the one show I have on the books for this fall (and let me know if you see other opportunities to play, serendipity has been working well for this lately). Otherwise I’ll be doing my monthly Human Show interview/variety show at Cafe CODA on the 4th Saturday each month, and guessing winter holidays will have a say in the matter… Then Dec. 4 a short set at the Harmony Bar to celebrate another musician lost too soon. More on that later.

For now -

Saturday 10/22/22, 3pm The Human Show Ep. 15: Changing the Narrative feat. interview guests Aaron Cutler and Paul Abramson, music by Aaron Cutler and Stephanie Rearick

Paul Abramson, co-founder and historian of Fete de Marquette shares some reflections on the modern Renaissance Person. Aaron Cutler talks about Myco Rising, a project that puts the power to heal the environment into the hands of the people through mushroom technology. And he'll also play some music for us!

I, your host, recently had the enormous honor of sharing the stage in Detroit with the great Stanley Clarke at an event titled Changing the Narrative.

I created a set that embodies this theme and I’d love to share it with you. My set at the Detroit show was both abbreviated and un-recorded so it will be my pleasure to play the full set on Cafe CODA’s beautiful grand piano, and share it with those who couldn’t be in Detroit with us.

I’ll also share a recording of my favorite part of the roundtable conversation between Stanley, amazing Detroit podcasters Khary Frazier and Piper Carter, and myself. It’s a really great story from Stanley Clarke that you won’t want to miss.

Live and live streamed by Cafe CODA (check for details and archives). Hope you can join us!