A Variety of Shows and Parties coming soon...

But before that, it would be remiss not to acknowledge this is coming in the
midst of terrible suffering and horror, and I wish for each of you that
you’re staying safe, healthy, and doing everything you’re able to bring
peace and health upon this world, for everyone

and now for something completely different….

Sunday May 31st, 12noon CDT/6pmUK on Zoom!
https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84747802464 [1]

Timebank/HUMANs International Quiz Show/Trivia Night!!! Our first was so much
fun we're making it a regular thing...
Many of you know I work with Mutual Aid Networks, and we’re in a global
cooperative network called the HUMANs that connects us in a learning and
mutual aid community aroudn the world. We’ve started doing this regular
quiz show party in partnership with our Hull UK partner project, and this is
the second. It’s SO MUCH FUN, and you’re welcome to join. I’ll also
play a song at this one.

The quiz will be co-hosted by UK & USA quizmasters, David Gautier (UK) and
Tony Anderson (US - host at Mickey’s!).

This is one in a regular series, Timebank Hull and East Riding's Timebank
quiz — and those of you who have attended previous ones can be testament to
the the experience being delightfully random and hilarious! Mixing up
perfomance and skill shares offered by members in the intermission, (eg
singing along out of sync and discovering origami!). This along with more
traditional quiz questions and silly hats/fancy dress (but this is not
compulsory!). - who knew that online quizzes could be such fun!

facebook event is here, please share!
https://www.facebook.com/events/589093158381275/ [2]


Saturday June 6, 8pm CDT on Zoom! streaming live from Mother Fool’s
1101 Williamson St. Madison (up to 3 outdoor seats available,
rsvp) https://us04web.zoom.us/j/7433558070 [3]

Mother Fool’s 25th Birthday Party Variety Show Starring Stephanie and Jon!
25 years ago we bought Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse from the late great Jean
Lister - thank you Jean for your enormous gift to us and the enormous gift
you gave to our neighborhood when you created Mother Fool’s.

It’s a weird time to celebrate our birthday, but we hope the fact that
we’ll be streaming will help you join from far and wide. Featuring musical
guests, special interviews, a photo and video trip down memory lane, and


Saturday June 13, 8pm CDT on Zoom! https://us04web.zoom.us/j/7433558070 [4]

Stephanie Rearick w/ special guest Def || Sonic opening the show

Def || Sonic (formerly All Good Things) is one of my favorite local artists,
cool songscapes with loops and deft instrumentation and vocals. Shows tend to
be a visual treat as well. He’ll stream live from Mother Fool’s at 8,
then I’ll stream live from home - with my own piano and all my instruments
(including loops, trumpet, casio), and special guest Bucky Pope (we play
together in his band Negative Example, he was front man for the Tar Babies)
on one thing, from a safely distant place. I’m also honored to be playing
the premier of my version of a song I just set for Beau O’Reilly (Chicago,
Crooked Mouth, former Maestro Subgum), wonderful lyrics he gave me to write
for. Thank you Beau.

Needless to say (well I’m saying it anyway) this is a special show for me.
I hope you can make it.


Sunday June 21 Make Music Madison
I have no idea what I or Ladyscissors might do this day but it’s a
celebration of music and we’ll do something. watch for it


Friday June 26 + Saturday June 27 SJC Jubilee!
A weekend of music, decentralized partying, more quiz show fun, and much much
more. To fund and celebrate our Social Justice Center, the home of our Mutual
Aid Workspace (another Mutual Aid Network project, co-working and
collaboration space, also in need of subsidies during this time so feel free
to check this out too)

Here’s looking forward to the days we can see each other in person again
and meanwhile, hope to connect with you somehow…

Take care,