Steve Burke

Collected (1999-2000)

Ritt Deitz

Uvulittle Records

Collected (1999-2000)
Since STAY is now out of print and HILLBILLY will soon be, Ritt has put together a collection of favorites from his first 2 albums for Uvulittle Records. Included is a new single, "Shake," on which Deitz plays all the instruments.

In addition to Deitz on acoustic guitar and vocals, a wide cast of players including Steve Burke, Joe Meisel, Jay Moran and Bif Blumfumgagnge round out the tracks with piano, dobro... [more]

Pleasure Isle

Ritt Deitz

Bentback Records

Ritt Deitz's third CD, PLEASURE ISLE, is a story of pools, sex, trains, rivers, dogs, barges, babies, Moses, small hands, and softball.

Madison's Isthmus calls the release, "well-wrought folk-rock" from a weathered band of old friends, players Ritt has long shared stages and studios with.

Rhythm writes that "Deitz has one of those voices that rings with authenticity..."

This album is something of a song in itself. The music comes from a very honest and grounded space. It... [more]


Ritt Deitz

Bentback Records

"Stay, his second release, is full of gritty, intelligent folk with songs that are, by turns, sweet, gentle, and smoldering. Dietz's warm baritone and confident songwriting are a perfect match, like a welcome campfire on a chilly fall night." -- The Riverside

Features HILLBILLY veterans Joe Meisel and Steve Burke, with guest appearances by harper Turner Collins and Reptile Palace Orchestra violinist Biff Blumfumgagnge. STAY grows out of a unique sense of place and time, and offers... [more]


Ritt Deitz

Bentback Records

Ritt Deitz's debut recording is "a quiet, sure-handed roots album that stands up to repeated listening." (Isthmus).

Ritt's songs are full of trees, children, liquor, and pie. Big-hearted acoustic folk music.


Ivan Klipstein

Crustacean Records

Where do even start in trying to describe Ivan Klipstein? The very notion of genre-jumping seems too tame to even begin to talk about Ivan or his new CD, "Lifestyle." It has elements of rock, pop, Brit-rock, rap, gospel, and just about every other musical form of the last 50 years. And, the amazing thing is the grace and excellence that he brings to this highly polished and fully realized project. The CD flows perfectly and really does a great job of showcasing Klipsteins's formidable... [more]


Bugattitype 35

Jollydog Music

This is the one that has everyone's attention... TRACTION picks up where the debut leaves off and it never looks back. From the foot tappin' all out energy of "Trish Dresser", to the intelligent, contemplative, yet explosive "Jimmy", this album has it all.

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