Animal Energy The Hidden Chronicles

If you are a Maestro Subgum and the Whole fan and/or fond of the musical programming in the mid 90s at the Lunar Cabaret in Chicago , this new release is a treat…

A Three Disc Set!

ANIMAL ENERGY: the *(until now) unreleased recordings of Beau O’Reilly and Miki Greenberg’s Hidden Chronicles.

In 1996,Beau and Miki recorded a couple of dozen... [read more]

Thrifty Beau O'Reilly

Beau says about the album:

“I needed some intrigue. I challenged myself to make something new during the weird year that was 2020. I enjoy writing songs with different people, and felt interested in what would happen if I had to keep the instrumentation spare. I sent lyrics out to friends, they sent back demos, and most of it was recorded with no rehearsal. I accepted the keys and tempos my... [read more]
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(Not) Another Day Songs Jenny Magnus

These tracks are part of a larger show called (Not) Another Day, a sung play about process and the ends of things, produced by The Curious Theatre Branch in September/October of 2018 at Prop Thtr in Chicago. In the live performance they were sung by the cast: Paul Brennan, Leo Brun, Brook Celeste, T-Roy Martin, Beau O’Reilly, Vicki Walden, and Julia Williams. These are versions I made to teach the songs to the... [read more]

Horses and Smoke Ritt Deitz

Horses and Smoke, Ritt Deitz’ new album, his sixth on Uvulittle, was recorded live to open-reel tape last winter in Oregon, Wisconsin. Engineered and mixed by Bruce Kasprzyk, the album breathes with the authenticity that comes from years and years of playing with friends and family. Indeed, he's joined by his son Wilder on piano and his two core band members, Joe Meisel and Dave Foss. Madison fiddle wizard, Biff... [read more]

To The Nines Ladyscissors

Showing off their lovely vocal arrangements, the album ranges from REM-like pop to moody, hypnotic rock, a la early Velvet Underground. Beautiful female harmonies often float over crunchy guitars with evocative thoughtful lyrics that feel urgent and politically potent. And catchy. The record is catchy. Even the background vocals will get stuck in your head.

"Madison band Ladyscissors covers a lot of... [read more]

The Simian Syndrome Grape Juice Plus / Barry Bennett

tribal psychosis w/ futuristic ritual & ambient sounds

The mighty Grape Juice Plus finally put those “bootleggy” recordings behind them with the release of their debut studio recording…THE SIMIAN SYNDROME!!!

Culled from sessions throughout 2016 at BaseStationBerwyn, THE SIMIAN SYNDROME is every Ape Rockonaught’s dream!!

This retro futuristic treat has been declared overdub free by the... [read more]

Lovelovelovelove STOP lovelovelove The Crooked Mouth

Third release by Chicago's The Crooked Mouth.

Sharp, confident and rollicking. LoveloveloveloveSTOPlovelovelove shows off the band's new line-up to good effect. The songs are focused, intelligent and funny. The musicianship tasteful and just slightly off-kilter. The arrangements show off a playfulness that only comes with the confidence gained from hundreds and hundreds of gigs. As always, Crooked Mouth... [read more]

Music for the times Stephanie Rearick

Stephanie Rearick picked a handful of her albums that thematically go together. We're offering it as a variable price digital download. Pay any amount from $1 - $1,000,000.

music of mine that's feeling particularly relevant at the moment, considering the state of the world (both good and bad)

[more info]... [read more]

Live at Juicy John Pink's - October 9, 1976 Susan & Richard Thomas

This 2 Disc album is a live concert from Juicy John Pink's, one of the premier acoustic music venues in the Chicago area during the mid 70's. Susan and RIchard Thomas were a husband and wife duo who were known and loved for the beauty of Susan's singing and songwriting, Richard's exquisite guitar work, and the wonderful way in which their voices blended and harmonized.

This is the second in our "Juicy... [read more]

Small Blue Green Letters Ritt Deitz

Small Blue Green Letters, Ritt’s latest recording and his fifth on the Uvulittle label, marks Deitz’s return to stringed instruments and voices and recalls his first full-length release, Hillbilly (Bentback 1999, anthologized on the 2006 Uvulittle release Collected 1999-2000), exchanging Steve Burke’s mandolin for Deitz’s banjo and with the harmonies of backing vocalist Lindsey Hinkel Craig Totten’s dobro work.... [read more]

every thing everything Stephanie Rearick

A return to form. The piano, trumpet and vocals are front and center with the occasional foray into casio and loops.

Combining her classically-tinged piano tendencies with her love of looping Casio beats, trumpets and voice, Rearick exudes confidence and creates a universe of music all her own.

Her soundscape is rich. Cheery, creepy, lush, beautiful and very dreamlike. A gorgeous sorrow. A sublime... [read more]

Holy Bones Mary Bue

Holy Bones is an indie-pop, musical commentary regarding a frazzled & hungry society. Written primarily on electric guitar with thick bass & rock ‘n roll drums, her new sound is fresher and lighter even when exploring the shadows of the modern American psyche. Mary Bue’s 6th studio album is a creative shift from her typical piano-driven singer-songwriting, funded in part by a career development grant... [read more]

Glitterbox Ladyscissors

Channeling the lo-fi garage rock vibe from Velvet Underground to Beat Happening, Ladyscissors mixes in a healthy dose of doo-wop vocals to create their debut album, Glitterbox.

Lorrie Hurckes - guitar, vox
Brent George - guitar
Anne Bull - bass, vox
Stephanie Rearick - drums, vox

Hometown: Madison, WI

Yes Face The Crooked Mouth

Yes Face picks up where their debut ended. A little less country, perhaps.. First, though, the recording is lovely. Simple, complex, beautiful... It breathes. Deeply. As expected, the vocal arrangements are well conceived and executed flawlessly by people with an obvious passion for such perfections. The instrumentation is tasteful - bringing banjo and bluegrass sounds to folky show tune-y (almost) rock numbers.... [read more]

Black Galaxy Sparkle, Vol. 1 Grape Juice Plus / Barry Bennett

This is the 2nd solo release by Barry Bennett.

Tribal/ambient/space/punk! Electro-organic timelines. Outer space haiku. Rock -n- roll howls. Sub woofer mattress pads. A mello-tronic caress. A psychedelic cab ride through Chennai.

Stephanie Rearick Jr. Dreamworld Tour Shirt Stephanie Rearick Jr.

This fantastic green cotton tour shirt comes in both genders and a multitude of sizes.

Mens: S, M, L, XL, XXL
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Dreamworld Stephanie Rearick

Stephanie Rearick Jr. - on casio, voice, loops and trumpet. Stephanie Rearick takes her classical/cabaret/pop in a beatier, bouncier direction.

"Like her previous work, Dreamworld presents colliding genre influences, eclectic covers, and whimsical notions. The difference is that Rearick sticks mostly to voice and cheap keyboards. She revels in the latter's goofy vibrato and tinny percussion sounds,... [read more]

Maestro Subgum - Box Set Maestro Subgum and the Whole

We printed 100 numbered copies. Each box contains all 8 original Maestro Subgum and the Whole albums and a "Rares" CD containing some of the best of the previously un-released tracks from the archive. Box buyers also get access to the on-line archive of live and unreleased recordings. The albums are also available individually and as downloads. The "Mp3" and "Flac" versions include all the albums and a digital... [read more]

Rares Maestro Subgum and the Whole

This collection of "Rares" from the Maestro Subgum and the Whole catalog spans their entire run, 1980 - 1995. Consisting of live and studio recordings, the sound quality varies but the creativity, beauty and humor remains high. In choosing the songs we prioritized songs that never made it onto one of the official releases and kept a lookout for the amazing.

Produced by Jon Hain and Beau O'Reilly.

Hot Ol' Wadda Maestro Subgum and the Whole

By the early 90s, the creative font that was Maestro Subgum and the Whole erupted with an almost complete turnover in its song catalog. The sound changed significantly with the addition of a regular horn section, although a cappellas still happened, too.

The dual cassettes that came out of the Double Amazement sessions were dubbed Stormin’ And A Fever and Hot Ol’ Wadda. Jenny, Beau, and Miki wrote a lot... [read more]

Lost Lost Lost Maestro Subgum and the Whole

The pinnacle of the band’s recording career was Lost Lost Lost, both because of the variety of writers and singers and the size and tightness of the ensemble. The writing was still strong, but the horn and vocal arrangements had reached a new, fantastically satisfying level.

It was recorded at Acme Studios and mixed at C.M.C. Recorders, where mixer Joe DeLeonardis had a huge influence on the flow of the... [read more]

Stormin' And A Fever Maestro Subgum and the Whole

By the early 90s, the creative font that was Maestro Subgum and the Whole erupted with an almost complete turnover in its song catalog. The sound changed significantly with the addition of a regular horn section, although a cappellas still happened, too.

The dual cassettes that came out of the Double Amazement sessions were dubbed Stormin’ And A Fever and Hot Ol’ Wadda. Jenny, Beau, and Miki wrote a lot... [read more]

Jiggle The Constable Maestro Subgum and the Whole

The touring version of Maestro Subgum and the Whole bopped around the Midwest and the east coast and points in between (and even across the ocean) as the band continued adding to its extensive original catalog. The 8-song EP, Jiggle The Constable, originally released only on vinyl, is a dance album and a fan pleaser. Updated versions of mid-80s stalwarts ‘Life Outa Wack’ and ‘Misty Mountain’ highlight the set,... [read more]

At The Wart Hog Museum Maestro Subgum and the Whole

The 1993 album At The Warthog Museum was curated by Red Ned. The band had set out to do a live album, and indeed much of it was recorded direct to DAT at The Beat Kitchen and other venues. Some tracks were also done completely in studio (Sedistudio, Monster Disk), and the complete list of engineers and mixers included Spencer Sundell, James Koffee, Ricky Barnes, Jim Janick, John Hughes, Pink Bob, and Red Ned.... [read more]

A Soft Fist In A Hard Place Maestro Subgum and the Whole

Essentially the soundtrack for one of the first scripted Maestro shows written by Jenny Magnus and Beau O’Reilly, A Soft Fist In A Hard Place features the writers on all the lead vocals with a band lead by pianist Michael Greenberg. Davy, the show’s title song Careening Is A Skill, and Darkness, Darkness are among the most enduring tracks here. Originally released on cassette, it is now available to all a ya’s... [read more]

Don't Flirt Maestro Subgum and the Whole

The last official Maestro Subgum and the Whole release was Don’t Flirt in 1995. The core of the group was still cranking out titles like Dust and Self-Disgust, Eat the Beauty, and Buttocks on the Moon. Much of the recording magic happened at Junior’s Motel, a converted chicken coop on a farm in Otho, Iowa, with additional tracks laid back in Chicago. The songs reflect a sound and an attitude honed by... [read more]

A Diamond In The Dumpster Maestro Subgum and the Whole

In the late 80s, after years of gigging, personnel changes, and demo tapes, the Chicago-based, Beau O’Reilly-led Maestro finally recorded a cassette designed for sale to the public. Recorded at James Bond’s home studio, the first official Maestro Subgum and the Whole full-length album, A Diamond In The Dumpster, featured songs and players from all over the Maestro history. Musical guests included youthful... [read more]

Live At Juicy John Pink's, Volume One Various Artists - Compilations

This double CD features live performances from Juicy John Pink's, recorded during 1976 and 1977. One of the premiere acoustic music venues in the Chicago area, it was well known for its enthusiastic, respectful audiences, warm, welcoming atmosphere, and excellent acoustics. The musicians featured here represent a sampling of some of the favorite singer/songwriters from that era.

Kendell Kardt, who... [read more]

Maestro Subgum and the Whole Archive Maestro Subgum and the Whole

The archive contains concerts and un-released studio sessions. We will continue adding material as long as stuff keeps turning up.

Purchase a year long subscription and stream Maestro 24/7.

Skin Stephanie Rearick Jr.

Skin is the first song by Stephanie Rearick Jr. (SR JR). SR JR features Stephanie Rearick on casio and loops. Brand new as of early 2012!

Live at Sinnissippi Park Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble

Recorded live at Sinnissippi Park in Rockford, Illinois, on July 10, 2010.

Chris Ruppenthal: Acoustic Guitar
Ed Fila: Acoustic Guitar
Randal Harrison: Violin
Kevin Tipple: Acoustic Bass
Jim Huwe: Drums and Percussion

Up The Wall Stephanie Rearick

Up The Wall, is a return to form, four years in the making after 2007's Democracy. Side A is the political and economic side, side B gets personal. Part rock and roll, part sweeping beauty with some quirky ditties and jazzy piano numbers mixed in, Up The Wall is another remarkably original and fresh offering from Rearick. While primarily original songs, the covers here come from Dusty Springfield, Nina Simone and... [read more]

The Crooked Mouth The Crooked Mouth

We are to pleased present the debut release by The Crooked Mouth. Beau O'Reilly and Jenny Magnus (Maestro Subgum & The Whole) are joined by Matt Test (accordion, banjo, piano, backup vocals), Troy Martin (guitar, banjo, uke, backup vocals) and Vicki Walden (bass, backup vocals, shaky egg.)

The result is a string band cabaret that is folksy, honest and, at times, brutally beautiful.

Notes on The... [read more]

Pop Ritt Deitz

Ritt's fifth album, POP, is a great collection of songs that show a more rocking/pop side to Deitz' songwriting. The songs pop, funk and slink through classic rock hooks and jams. As is his habit, Ritt invited friends and family members to the recording sessions and clocks in with his most organic feeling disc to date.

Death to Death! and Other Tales of Uneasy Harmony Grape Juice Plus / Barry Bennett

For the last decade Barry Bennett's been best known as leader of the iconic group MiLkBabY, whose alien world music made them a fixture of Chicago's left of center music scene. He's also a frequent creator of soundscapes and scores for Theatre and dance. His music has been heard at The Goodman, 16th Street Theater, CBDC, Chicago Moving Company, Chicago Dramatists, and with his own improvisational performance... [read more]

HyrPlasis Hanah Jon Taylor Artet

Creative improvised music by The Hanah Jon Taylor Artet.

An Evening At The Brink Lounge Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble

Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble has always enjoyed live performance. Their second CD release is an inspired live recording titled "An Evening At The Brink Lounge." It features live versions of American and French jazz standards, Django Reinhardt classics, and original music. The CD was recorded in front of an intimate crowd of friends, family, and fans at Madison, WI's The Brink Lounge.


... [read more]

Tour Shirt 09 Stephanie Rearick

Pick up a Stephanie Rearick "Back Together Again Tour 09" shirt. These are available in Black only and in the following sizes: In women's M, L and XL. Sorry, mens are sold out.

Mumbled Speech Katie Todd

This is Katie Todd's 3rd studio CD. It features a wide array of instrumentation - piano, guitar, horns, strings and extra vocals.

Katie's music has always had a maturity beyond her years, with a voice that has seen the world. Mumbled Speech combines that with a sense of playfulness that comes across as an artist grown comfortable with herself - as a musician, writer and producer.

Residing solidly... [read more]

When The River Meets The Sea Rose Polenzani

Rose Polenzani with Session Americana

One of our favorite artists, Rose Polenzani, clocks in with a great set of tunes recorded with Boston's Session American. The whole thing has a nice laid back feel with mandolin, harmonica, accordion and, of course, Rose's lovely voice and beautiful song writing.

Songs From Shows (Dimwit Mandatory Observations of An Orchestrated Catastrophe) Jenny Magnus

Jenny Magnus, described by the Chicago Tribune as "Everything a performance artist should be: subversive, personal, stimulating, a little scary and simply amazing," is a Chicago-based performer, writer, director, producer and teacher.

Songs From Shows is a collection of 23 songs written over quite a few years, but used in performances and plays in the last 8 years or so. All the songs were used in ways... [read more]

Nap of Earth Jack Sayre

Progressive and funky, this CD brings to mind both King Crimson and Mrs. Fun. The beats are strong and the composition propels the music forward.

Jack Sayre wrote all the music and brought in some of the area's best musicians to bring it to life. Recorded at his home studio in Madison, WI, Nap of Earth sounds much bigger than its humble origins.

Upstream Ritt Deitz

Ritt Deitz releases his fifth full-length CD of original and traditional songs, Upstream, on Uvulittle Records. Ritt spent the winter in the studio with longtime collaborators bassist Joe Meisel and guitarist / dobro player Craig Totten, sons Wilder (piano, percussion) and Mitch (percussion) and hammered dulcimer player Dave Foss. Singer-songwriter Sara Pace guests on backing vocals on four songs, including a... [read more]

The Four-Wheel Drive EP The Lonelyhearts

Limited edition hand-assembled package; limited to quantity of 50.

We have 4 of these beauties. Nice package and some great new songs from The Lonelyhearts. Great for collectors or new fans. The sound is similar to Dispatch but takes on a density that drives the disc forward. As always, the songs are propelled by their unique vocals and intelligent lyrics.

Caravan Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble

This is the first studio CD by Madison, Wisconsin's authentic gypsy swing band. The recording features an expanded band lineup and includes original music, arrangements of Django Reinhardt classics, jazz standards, and Latin tunes.

Getting Old Jim Schwall

Jim Schwall's 2007 CD "Getting Old" features Jim performing solo, singing and playing acoustic 6- and 12-string guitars, recorded live in venues in or near Madison WI. There is one traditional song, one song of unknown origin and three songs by other songwriters: Bill Morrissey, David Olney and Ed Haynes. The rest of the 14 tracks are Jim's originals. About half the tunes are in some of the styles of traditional... [read more]

BottLe MiLkBabY

Prog-ambient-tribal-rock music.

The latest release from MiLkBabY slices and dices the world of progressive and groove-oriented electronica into slivers of Bjork-laden psychedelica a la key lime pie era Social Distortion.

"...the music of Chicago's Milkbaby is nearly impossible to quantify. The duo of Barry Bennett and Darren Shepherd engage in a bizarre blur of electronics, percussion, brass,... [read more]

Collected (1999-2000) Ritt Deitz

Collected (1999-2000)
Since STAY is now out of print and HILLBILLY will soon be, Ritt has put together a collection of favorites from his first 2 albums for Uvulittle Records. Included is a new single, "Shake," on which Deitz plays all the instruments.

In addition to Deitz on acoustic guitar and vocals, a wide cast of players including Steve Burke, Joe... [read more]

Carrot Carrot db pedersen

This is the first full-length studio album from vocal artist, db pedersen.

Dispatch The Lonelyhearts

Two guys - Andre Perry (vox, keyboards) and John Lindenbaum (vox,guitar). Using a 12-string acoustic guitar and a couple of synthesizers, the duo blends angsty folk-rock lyrics with spacey keyboard textures. Their sound certainly recalls the acoustic stylings of Neutral Milk Hotel and the Mountain Goats as well as the synth-rock of Grandaddy and Earlimart.

"Hand-stitched with minimal percussion, a couple... [read more]

Ridin' With Chuck The Midwesterners

The Midwesterners have pulled out all the stops on this one, 12 songs of dancin', drivin', and backyard barbequein' music that's a party from beginning to end!

Call it "Americana" if you need to put a handle on the music, because the songs are certainly steeped in American musical traditions. The Midwesterners have earned a reputation for rollicking, twangy performances, but on this latest album, they pull... [read more]

FOB Geoffrey Brady

"...it's Geoffrey's vibraphone playing that impresses most and takes center stage here. While the vibes can sound tinny and bland in less skilled hands, Geoffrey coaxes rich, shimmering, expressive, and complex tones from his instrument — whether in dreamy, mysterious meditations such as "Dollars to Doinas" and "Re-Designed for Further Suffering" or playing restless, angular tunes like "Fly, Giant Robot, Fly!"... [read more]

Company Town Painted Saints

"spaghetti western slavic mope chamber folk"

Tin can and twine romances in a color of rust with backdrops of long wind swept open roads framed by tangled barbed wire and naked telephone poles. The songs are of ashtray broken hearts and lansdscapes of beauty and sorrow borrowing harmonies from old eastern europe, the desert southwest and the sentiments of working class rust belt americana.

After The Mountains Ritt Deitz

AFTER THE MOUNTAINS is Ritt's latest batch of beautiful, straight-ahead songs.

This is solid acoustic roots rock.

The songs move seamlessly from single, lingering melodies to the train-like stomp riffs that fans know from Ritt's vibrant live shows. Like this Kentuckian when he's on stage, Ritt's recordings are the fruit of years of playing - traditional music and rock and roll, in band after band,... [read more]

Subfiction Makeshift Ego

"Singer-guitarist Kari sets the tone with a weathered, raspy trill focused in the same way as Chan Marshall's is in Cat Power. But bleak images cry out for hope through Shane's fluid guitar melodies, and it all turns out to be quite wonderfully heart-wrenching and beautifully melancholy." The Onion

"The recording is noteworthy for the rich sound the duo achieve by weaving together two beautifully played... [read more]

I'm Antsy Michael Brenneis' Tomato Box

Expedient Live Recordings 2001 volume 2.

Recorded directly to two track digital on the Optical Approximator Mobile(1).

Hand printed cover in vinyl sleeve. Limited to 100 numbered copies.

Make Some Time For Wasting Katie Todd

Brilliant vocals and production. This is vibrant, uplifting music. Katie's voice and songwriting are at the forefront. Her piano playing is simple but melodically powerful. The band keeps the energy simmering throughout. All in all, a great followup to Changing Faces.

This is a 'must have' for fans of great sounding pop music.

Simpatico Sara Pace

Sara Pace spend the last three years working on Simpatico - her second release - and it was time well spent. Featuring a host of local players this disc hits home with direct, from the heart, songwriter and lovely production.

This is solid Americana with just enough twang to pull at the heartstrings.

"Even without considering the instrumentation, Simpatico would score highly on the vocal strength... [read more]

Ghosts of Yesterday Bob Manor

Acoustic Rock with folk and country flavors thrown in for good measure.

Ghosts of Yesterday features original songs that explore life, love, restlessness, defiance, disillusionment and hope in the backdrop of the American heartland. The music is acoustically driven, featuring mandolin, acoustic guitar, drums, bass and piano.

One can hear influences of rock, country, gospel and folk. The writing... [read more]

Radiator Jerry Alexander

Jerry Alexander's "Radiator" is bare bones brilliant.

This is a supurb recording of a live in the studio performance. There are drums, cymbols, guitar, harmonica and vocals but there is only Jerry. There are no overdubs. In this simple context, the connection between artist and listener is wonderfully direct.

Voted "Best Blues Album 2005" in the Madison Area Music Awards.

No Camouflage Anti-War CD Various Artists - Compilations

No Camouflage is a powerful anti-war cry by many of Madison's top artists. Spearheaded by Wendy Bugatti of Coney Island studio, No Camouflage features original new recordings of an astounding array of music and spoken word pieces, plus US soldier testimonials directly from Iraq. The release of this CD is an event that has brought together Madison artists, members of local peace organizations and political leaders... [read more]

Hypocriticool Josh Cole

Hypocriticool is a brilliant and never-predictable collection of songs that invites you to chill on a proverbial futon of sound offering a generous portion of beautiful, melodic imagery that tests your imagination and makes you want to crash Josh Cole's house party every night.

"While working on my brother's farm, I realized the industries of agriculture and music are the same in that they've grown too big... [read more]

Star Belly Stephanie Rearick

"Rearick's a genre-bounding vocalist, keyboard player and trumpeter who takes great care bringing together things indie with her classical and art-music influences." - The Isthmus

Stephanie Rearick has been performing and recording since 1993, as frontwoman for Your Mom, Your Mom SRO, and the Coma Savants, occasional side-musician, silent film composer and accompanist, and solo artist.

"Star Belly... [read more]

When The World Runs Fast (dvd) Honor Among Thieves

WHEN THE WORLD RUNS FAST asks the question: What is success?

About When the World Runs Fast:

Must it mean fame and fortune? Does it always lead to selling one's soul? You've heard the stories of rockbands making it big while giving up family and friends along the way; is that the only path to the top? Or can successful musicians be happy in a small pond, as a creative, viable force in their... [read more]

Had A Burning NoahJohn

"Taking a more pronounced detour away from the stronger country influences of their debut and moving towards an eclectic indie rock approach, Noahjohn manages to recast both in a startlingly original sound... gloriously unpredictable and occasionally disturbing, Johns toys with the listener, drawing intricately surreal sketches, but pulling them back just before he reveals too much. Equally haunted, Eena Ballard'... [read more]

Moodswing Elizabeth Schaefer

Elizabeth Schaefer's newest CD "Moodswing" is a step towards rock-cabaret.

10 songs are featured on this CD including "Windstorm" which tells a story about a person addicted to violent storms, "Storm Before Sweden" a love ballad about a couple traveling from Denmark to Sweden and "Singing In A Hotel" a song about a lonely cabaret singer who performs weekly in a hotel awaiting a lover who never appears.... [read more]

Borderlands Erica Mather Trio

The Erica MAther Trio's Borderlands is a CD with something for everyone. Styles range from stright-ahead swing to funk to latin to pure art chamber music. Of the disc Mather says, "it is a survey of influences which have manifested themselves in these nine compositions. Emotional sources for the compositions came from many places such as intriguing characters in books (Barbara Kingsolver's Adah), and capturing... [read more]

August Rose Polenzani

Polenzani calls this CD, "A collection of intimate, misfit home recordings."

In fact, it is her strongest work to date.

Her voice is front and center where it belongs. The instrumentation always complements the song, as opposed to becoming it. Her writing is dead-on in both economy and mysticism. She manages to always sound like she is imparting knowledge.. perhaps she is. From quiet, meditative... [read more]

greeting from the north mission MiLkBabY

MiLkBabY returns to the studio with their new line-up to record an amazing new disc. Features Barry Bennett (acoustic and electronic percussion, vocal, keyboard, knobs-n-wires) and Darren Shepherd (electric guitar.) The songs range from quietly meditative to seriously funky and freaky. A must for improv lovers and for those looking for something a little of the beaten path. Full of great musicianship, driving... [read more]

Live @ Mother Fool's Nob Hill Boys

Recorded live over two nights at Mother Fool's in Madison, Wisconsin. The recording gives a nice representation of the Nob Hill Boys live shows with a mixture of traditional tunes, originals, instrumentals and gospel quartets.
This high energy set shows off the great playing and lovely harmonies that have earned The Nob Hill Boys a huge and passionate fan base.

Someday, Sometime, Somehow Nob Hill Boys

"...pretty much cements
the Boys' reputation as
one of the region's top
bluegrass outfits."
- Wisconsin State Journal

This second release from the NHB came out in 2001 and featured the band as a five-piece unit with the addition of fiddler Paul Kienitz. Three of the Boys contributed original material to this project as well as some unique material from Kilby Snow, Red Sovine and... [read more]

Ç The Coma Savants

This is a one-of-a-kind collectors' item. We only made 250 copies and they are all numbered. Also, each one has different artwork inside. The packaging is a cloth pouch that is made from the long streamers used in The Eating Machine video so what you get may not quite look like the one pictured here.

This is an enhanced CD -- it will play in your stereo and if you pop it in a computer you can access the... [read more]

Out of the Blue Richard Wiegel

Combining several genres of music, from rock to ragtime, blues to jug band music, jazz to rockabilly, Richard blends them seamlessly into an entertaining album. Taking a cue from Chet Atkins, Doc Watson, and Mississippi John Hurt, Richard plays in the finger-picking style pioneered by these greats. And now his new CD, "Out of the Blue", pays tribute to these men. It's a collection of some of the greatest songs of... [read more]

The Bucket Rider Stephanie Rearick

From soothing instrumentals to ethereal pop to dark ditties to witty excursions, Rearick delivers a cornucopia of aural moods, all via her upright piano and occasionally her trumpet. -- Goldmine

Don't waste time trying to categorize what you hear on Stephanie Rearick's latest release, The Bucket Rider. Enjoy her lyrics and her expertise on the ivories for the journey it takes you between the dynamic... [read more]

Pleasure Isle Ritt Deitz

Ritt Deitz's third CD, PLEASURE ISLE, is a story of pools, sex, trains, rivers, dogs, barges, babies, Moses, small hands, and softball.

Madison's Isthmus calls the release, "well-wrought folk-rock" from a weathered band of old friends, players Ritt has long shared stages and studios with.

Rhythm writes that "Deitz has one of those voices that rings with authenticity..."

This album is... [read more]

Sharp Steel Pinafore Amelia Royko

"Sharp Steel Pinafore is an unbridled joy - proof that she is among this city's best and most unappreciated musical treasures." - Isthmus

"she can sing sweet and soft or crank it out, the tunes ranging in style from folky ballads to indie flavoured rockers... she is attracting a real following of devoted fans... she has got a great band and people are starting to notice." - Ricks Cafe

Country Blues Nob Hill Boys

"Country Blues" is the first recording by the Nob Hill Boys. Released in 1999, it features the original lineup of the band as a quartet. Len Springer appears as guest fiddler on a number of cuts. The CD has a nice mixture of standards, originals and a few tunes featuring John Fabke's clawhammer banjo playing.

"If you thrill to acoustic
American music that
cuts close to the bone, you
want... [read more]

Pretty Little Town The Midwesterners

"Pretty Little Town" is the second CD by The Midwesterners on Darlingtone Records.

Located in the 'frozen tundra' of Madison, Wisconsin, and spearheaded by Richard Wiegel, who plays guitar and writes the songs, the CD runs the gamut from rock to twang to rockabilly and all points in between.

Comprised of guitar, standup bass, drums and steel guitar, the CD reflects stellar production values and... [read more]

Hello, my name is Pascal

Pascal was on the very first CD that Uvulittle released, 1996's Live at Mother Fool's so we are extremely excited to be releasing his debut CD. The sound is raw and beautiful -- acoustic punk ballads.

The Nashville Rage says, "...sounds something like Will Oldham and Beck drunk on Robitussin (in other words, dark, weird, creepy and really cool.)"

Sea of Tranquility says, "Take Violent Femmes... [read more]

Coma Savant The Coma Savants

"This band's debut release is simply delightful. Pianist and vocalist Stephanie Rearick establishes that she is no slouch with the opening track, the band's theme song. Her performance invites comparisons to Nina Simone, a situation that most players would subsequently exploit at great length… the electric guitar madness of Jon Hain will appeal to anyone who enjoys new twisted takes on psychedelia. There is also... [read more]

Changing Faces Katie Todd

Katie Todd's debut album.

Katie Todd sets out to impress with a set of smoldering piano based rock songs anchored by her unique voice and powerful lyrics.

How can you go wrong with and album that opens with, "To deviate from the social standard..."

Any Road Michael Brenneis' Tomato Box

Exploring the far reaches of jazz and improvisation. From the super-modern to the whimsical - a feast for the ears. Saxophone, clarinet, marimba, theremin, bass, drums, electronics and unusual percussion instruments.

Tomato Box is a contemporary jazz band that prompts nods to the fluidity of jazz forms past and present, while at the same time ushering in a vital styling of post-jazz -- one... [read more]

Bitches and Machines Pablo Jones

There's huge lots mucho good to say about "Bitches and Machines," the dynamite sophomore effort from Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter Pablo. Pegged by some as a "Folk artist with a post-punk sensibility," I prefer to describe Pablo as "Some guy with a guitar who, lyrically and experimentally, makes the rest of the CD's currently in my CD player sound like shit. And I don't listen to shit." This CD grabbed my... [read more]

Talisman Michael Brenneis' Tomato Box

Under the assumption that music exists beyond assumptions, Tomato Box has been thrilling and perplexing audiences since 1999. With its signature combination of marimba, drums, saxophone, and upright bass, the band puts a unique spin onto its repertoire of original compositions and free improvisations.
Brenneis's colorful compositions have some of the same angular bite as Ken Vandermark's writing,...... [read more]

Activity for the Active Active Percussion Duo

Wildly creative!

Michael Brenneis & Geoff Brady present a suite of compositions and improvisations for percussion duet.

The duo perform on a multitude of instruments, including: marimbas, drum kits, prepared drum kit, vessels, pipes, tongue drum, sheet metal, plastics, pans, bells, keg, lids, crank arms, tubes, metal stock, sprocket, cutlery.

Recorded directly to two track digital on the... [read more]

Seven Good Years Prague 24

This lively, traditional klezmer album is expertly played and really shows off this excellent seven piece band -- both as musicians and as tasteful arrangers. The disc has a beautifully haunting quality and certainly belongs in every klezmer fan's CD collection.

The Long Picnic Stephanie Rearick

The Long Picnic was recorded in Madison and Chicago using acoustic piano and (sometimes layered) vocals to create a 10-song journey that is by simultaneously engaging, disturbing, and soothing.

"[Rearick] has sharper instrumental skills than most... she's not afraid to shut up and play an instrumental. The Man Who Stole Tomorrow is almost too lovely -- but her writing also displays a grim loopiness she'd... [read more]

sTRangE JuKeBoX: Live at Mother Fool's MiLkBabY

Great live set by Chicago's masters of Organic Tribal Trance, MiLkBabY. Recorded June 22, 2001 at Mother Fool's in Madison, this disc shows MiLkBabY at their most extreme. Ranges from cool-breeze melodic trance to full-force beat-driven freakouts. Yes, this is MiLkBabY LIVE!!

Lifestyle Ivan Klipstein

Where do even start in trying to describe Ivan Klipstein? The very notion of genre-jumping seems too tame to even begin to talk about Ivan or his new CD, "Lifestyle." It has elements of rock, pop, Brit-rock, rap, gospel, and just about every other musical form of the last 50 years. And, the amazing thing is the grace and excellence that he brings to this highly polished and fully realized project. The CD flows... [read more]

Brick by Brick Michael Brenneis' Tomato Box

Expedient live recodings 2001 volume 1

Recorded directly to two track digital on the Optical Approximator Mobile(1).

Hand printed cover in vinyl sleeve. Limited to 100 numbered copies. (colors may vary)

Lover's Dance Bob Westfall

First CD by the talented acoustic folk singer, songwriter Bob Westfall.

Stay Ritt Deitz

"Stay, his second release, is full of gritty, intelligent folk with songs that are, by turns, sweet, gentle, and smoldering. Dietz's warm baritone and confident songwriting are a perfect match, like a welcome campfire on a chilly fall night." -- The Riverside

Features HILLBILLY veterans Joe Meisel and Steve Burke, with guest appearances by harper Turner Collins and Reptile Palace Orchestra violinist Biff... [read more]

The Blue God Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves guitarist Andy Ewen and cartoonist P.S. Mueller wrote a bunch of songs. Honor Among Thieves, liked them. So Andy, along with bassist Doug DeRosa, drummer Joey B. Banks, violinist Randy Hoecherl and Mueller got together with Steve Gotcher at Audio for the Arts and recorded The Blue God. It's really good. Everyone is very happy with it.
Though there are a couple of words and phrases on The... [read more]

In A Heartbeat Bob Westfall

Second CD by the talented acoustic folk singer-songwriter Bob Westfall.

hUmaN MiLkBabY

This set of organic tribal trance work-outs is sure to impress both the experimenters and the ravers, as MiLkBabY seems to have a foot firmly in both schools. Primal, lush, evocative, and hypnotic, hUmaN was recorded without any over-dubs and serves as a great representation of the brillance of this Chicago Trio.

of wreckage and therapy Jindra

It is a concept album. It is a soundtrack.
The first section is plainly the wreckage and the second is the therapy. No happy endings, only an acceptance of the past as a memory and nothing more. This album has no lyrics aside from a monologue during the second section.
The film was designed for three screens looping separate edits of the accident footage. By the way, the footage was of the artist (Ann... [read more]

Live at Mother Fool's - 8.20.99 Stephanie Rearick

The talented Stephanie Rearick is captured her in live concert. A great set of piano and voice compositions that span classical, cabaret, pop and rock.

Free Will Hanah Jon Taylor Artet

Mr. Taylor's second release. Combines both studio and live tracks to create an intimate recording that truly highlights both his skills as a composer/bandleader and as a top-flight player.

The title track, "Free Will" won "Best Jazz Song 2005" in the Madison Area Music Awards.

Submit Your Unworthy Soul Tormentula

The debut full-length from the world's most wicked all-female punk metal band. All the rockin' hits that formed a cult, garnished with natural disaster samples and apocalyptic voice-overs.

Missa Canibus (mass of the dogs) Jack The Dog

"Much of it features spaced out operations of vibraphone, piano, and organ. There is also a series of short recitations and the use of what sounds like taped material. A remarkable track such as "Responsorial," a duet for vibraphone and acoustic piano, creates a really wonderful mood." - All Music Guide

Avant liturgical music for the metadenominational church of the mind. Evokes Tom Waits and Harry Partch... [read more]

Weedstock, Volume 2 Various Artists - Compilations

Recorded at Weedstock 1998.

Features a humurous exchange between Ben Masel and a police officer.

denouement Scott Fields

The music on this double trio project sounds as though it were composed by the bastard child of King Sunny Adò and Ornette Coleman. For most of the compositions, the trios are working in different but interlocking pitch sets and compound time signatures. These structures result in pip-popping little kicks and difficult-to-pin-down harmonies.

Tadpoles NoahJohn

Alt-country at its finest. This collection of songs takes an eerie yet comic plunge into the domestic sphere of rural Indiana, profiles midwestern indigenous persons, and wrestles with the age-old plight of heartache in a tavern.

Hillbilly Ritt Deitz

Ritt Deitz's debut recording is "a quiet, sure-handed roots album that stands up to repeated listening." (Isthmus).

Ritt's songs are full of trees, children, liquor, and pie. Big-hearted acoustic folk music.

Wholeness Ed Anders Quartet

"There's an effervescent swing about WHOLENESS that recalls the Tristano sound of Konitz & Marsh, especially in the quintet sides featuring the twin reed front-line of Svanoe & Abate... The Ed Anders Quartet achieves fresh levels of intensity in performances that confirm how this band continues to grow as a creative unit. Wholeness is highly recommended."
- David Lewis, Cadence Magazine

EAQ... [read more]

Scan 12 Jack The Dog

SCAN TWELVE is the second release by Jack the Dog. Twelve short studio sculptures from a collection of piano and vibraphone duets in which both players also speak/sing, recorded in Chicago between Januray and April 1998.
The overall idea here is to replicate the effect of the SCAN function on typical CD players or radios. In this case the only material is JACK compositions.

"Intentionally or not,... [read more]

Perfect Child Aaron Scholz

On Christmas Eve 1998, Aaron rode two hours in a cab to his lady's house. It was there in her basement that he fired up the eight-track and began work on a solo album. It was time. Due to the constant unavailability of sober musicians at 4 a.m., he decided to play the instruments himself. In August of the following year, Speakeasy was privileged enough to lay ears upon these recordings. They found them to be some... [read more]

Implied Muse-iks MiLkBabY

History: Formed in early '97, MiLkBabY honed its sound scoring plays and dance theatre pieces. Bridging the gap between between man and machine, tribal and techno, dreamscape and earth; MiLkBabY's sound is hard to classify. Their use of fierce percussion, lush synth textures, primal-soaring vocals, and the chemistry of the trio's improvisation create a body/mind experience that is hard to describe but has... [read more]

Guitar + Voice: Volume 1 Jindra

This is the fourth release for Jindra. It shows him in different light than his previous albums in that it is simply guitar and voice. A true artist, Jindra constantly challenges both himself and his listeners. This CD is raw, intelligent and powerful.

Weedstock, Vol 1 Various Artists - Compilations

Recorded at Weedstock 1997.

Andrando Solo Andy Ewen

File under: Surreal Acoustic Blues
This is Andy Ewen's first solo CD. Andy Ewen is best known as the fiery electric guitarist and vocalist with Honor Among Thieves, one of Madison, Wisconsin's most respected and longest lived bands. Andrando Solo is his first effort completely on his own, and represents a more intimate, though equally intense side of Ewen's music.

Recorded completely live by Wendy... [read more]

Lizards & Stars Your Mom SRO

"Lizards & Stars" was released in late 1997. It was recorded by Brian Daly at Optisonic Studios over Labor Day weekend with the exception of track 13, "Tearing and Merging." This track (which is based on the Russell Edson poem, "...the tearing and merging of clouds") was recorded live at Weird Out In The Woods by Studio Earth Remote. It features a special guest performance by pSteve Wessing.

Under The Sun Various Artists - Compilations

Music of Madison's Outdoor Festivals

During the summer of 1997, Studio Earth Remote Recording spent many hours recording as many performances as possible at Madison's outdoor festivals. After many frantic weeks of mixing and re-mixing and gathering imput from bands, the final selections were made. The result is "Under The Sun" a CD sampler that shows off many of the diverse sounds of Madison's music scene... [read more]

Walk-in Angels Hanah Jon Taylor Artet

Avant-garde saxaphone master, Hanah Jon Taylor checks in with his first studio release.

ah. it's like you're talking and you just can't Jack The Dog

Contains three major compositions:
-- Excuses (15:11)
-- Eric's Flip (30:18)
-- Spacesuit Annie (20:32)

These are long and dense testaments, in a concept album spirit.

"The twosome composes collaboratively, often using performance art tactics, sometimes incorporating taped audio-verite soundscapes, additional tracks of music, or brash sound collages, and performing brisk unison... [read more]

primordial soup du jour Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves is one of the hottest psychedelic blues bands. This disc catches them live at the Harmony Bar on Halloween, 1997.

At the Heart of What's Obvious Elizabeth Schaefer

This CD best captures Schaefer's vocal delivery and which best accents that delivery with lovely background instrumentation. There are 13 songs (all original) debuted on this CD and there's a flow which strangely compliments the diversity of this unique album

Traction Bugattitype 35

This is the one that has everyone's attention... TRACTION picks up where the debut leaves off and it never looks back. From the foot tappin' all out energy of "Trish Dresser", to the intelligent, contemplative, yet explosive "Jimmy", this album has it all.

Live at Mother Fool's Various Artists - Compilations

This is a great sampler of the Mother Fool's music scene, circa 1996.

"Smack-dab in the middle of an historic and eclectic Madison, WI neighborhood stands Mother Fool's -- a tiny, intimate, smoke-free coffeehouse that is home to some of the city's most creative and refreshing musicians. But because Mother Fool's holds fewer than 100 people, owners Jon Hain and Stephanie Rearick decided to form their own... [read more]

The Vision and a Friend Honor Among Thieves

Recorded over 3 days at Smart Studios, this album, quite simply, rocks. For rockin blues, it does not get any better than this.

Festival Ed Anders Quartet

Debut release from Madisons' Ed Anders Quartet.

An attractive spirit of low-key adventure permeates this music. Recommended. - David Lewis, Cadence Magazine

Marvelous...the EAQ has a unique, musical jazz approach. - Lennie Niehaus, Composer/Saxophonist

An admirable piece of work, announcing the arrival of a new guitar-sax tag team. - Isthmus Newspaper

Klez, Kez, Goy mit Fez Yid Vicious

"...courses with the electricity of real life", says Isthmus

Klezmer, klezmer, klezmer!! This 7 piece traditional klezmer band adds just a hint of rock to create a party disc of unknown proportions.

Blurred and Somewhat Indistinct Matt Moran

Matt Moran is a percussionist in New York City who graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music and has worked in a number of interesting groups, including William Parker's big band. Good solid album with focused ensemble work and intense solos.

The Spirit of Spotty Elizabeth Schaefer

The Spirit Of Spotty is Elizabeth's 2nd CD. Released in 1996, it features her full band.

Smart and sassy, alternative and quirky rock and roll.

Infiltrator Matt Turner

This collection of improvisations for unaccompanied cello and piano is always striking, sometimes stark, sometimes lush, and sometimes grating. Highly recommended

Fugu Scott Fields

The first and last compositions on Fugu were written for choreographer and dancer Li Chiao-Ping, although they have not yet been performed as dances. All but one of the pieces use varying compound time signatures and all are based on Stephen Dembski's post-serial tonal organization system. In fact, this is the most cohesive representation of that system as an nside the changes alternative to traditional jazz... [read more]

Royal Jelly Your Mom SRO

The first studio release by this eclectic and odd rock/cabaret ensemble. Loose and shambly with a feel similar to the Velvet Underground, Stephanie Rearick and friends conjure up a wild ride.

This Theater Was Razed Elizabeth Schaefer

This Theater Was Razed is Schaefer's debut CD featuring an eclectic variety of popular Madison area musicians. The songs are undeniably theatrical and range from folk to blues. The songs are colorful if at the same time decadent in themes; including songs pertaining to ghosts in the moviehouse and muderous brothers locked up in the smokehouse.

Running With Scissors Scott Fields

Great performances of compositions influenced by a combination of methodical explorations of the history of Western tonal systems with an undercurrent of post-modernism.

Four Songs (EP) Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves clock in with four high-energy cuts on this 1993 EP.

The Midwesterners The Midwesterners

What do you think of when you think of the Midwest, Wisconsin in particular. Cheese? Frozen tundra? Cornfields? The heartland? Small towns? All these everyday elements go into the songs of The Midwesterners. From the honky tonk story in Dark Tavern Blues, to the resurgence of hope in The Winter of 96', to the joy of rock and roll in Unsafe At Any Speed and Guitar Problem. Everyday life, salt of the earth... [read more]

United Mind Workers Honor Among Thieves

This is a CDr of the original 1990 Honor Among Thieves release, United Mind Workers. The packaging is minimal - just a jewel case with no cover art. It contains all the songs from the original release.

When The World Runs Fast Honor Among Thieves

This is a CDr of the original 1987 Honor Among Thieves release, When The World Runs Fast. The packaging is minimal - just a jewel case with no cover art. It contains all the songs from the original vinyl release.